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JDK 1.5-beta2 includes OpenGL-accelerated Java 2D Pipeline on Linux, Solaris and Win32

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Sun Microsystems has released JDK 1.5-beta2 (codenamed “Tiger”). This release includes an OpenGL-accelerated pipeline for the Java 2D API. The pipeline was only available on Linux and Solaris for the 1.5-beta release, but is now also available on Windows as of the 1.5-beta2 release. The OpenGL-based pipeline accelerates many simple primitives such as fills, draws, and text. However, the real benefits are seen for complex operations like compositing, shape clips, image transforms (both nearest neighbor and bilinear), GradientPaint, TexturePaint, antialiased shapes, etc. Please download this latest release and send Sun your feedback so they can make JDK 1.5 as stable as possible! Now imagine an OpenGL-accelerated Swing GUI!

May 28, 2004 | Read article... | Permalink

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