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Irrlicht 1.4 has been released with many major new features

Irrlicht 1.4 has been released for all supported platforms, including OSX. Irrlicht 1.4 includes many major new features: A rewritten unified skeletal animation system with some more sophisticated long awaited features such as manual joint animation; Irrlicht’s own file format: .irrmesh, for static meshes; Mesh writing support: Write collada, .stl and .irrmesh files. Irrlicht now can also read .stl files and be used to convert any file it can read into these file formats; Enhanced Particle System; Improved GUI: Keyboard control support (tab, shift etc), SpinBox; PointSprite support; Improved collada, .obj, .my3d and other loaders; Support for spot lights; Fixed OpenGL RTT flipped display; Per-pixel fog for OpenGL; Cleaned up OpenGL renderstate management; Bug fixes for OpenGL texture handling and predefined shaders. As well, several portability problems have been removed and there have been tons of bug fixes and other feature enhancements.

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