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Irrlicht Engine 1.7 using OpenGL has been released

Irrlicht version 1.7 has been released. New rendering features are: Multiple Render Target (MRT), geometry shaders (OpenGL only), possibility to access texture mipmaps and to provide custom mipmaps, separate TextureWrap modes for U and V coordinates and the option to mirror wrap. Enhanced options for 2D drawing like thickness, anti-aliasing and filtering. We added a new VertexManipulator interface for simple creation of vertex manipulation algorithms. Zipfiles now support Bzip2 and LZMA compression and AES encryption. Enabled VBO Support for skydomes and other standard meshes. Ogre .mesh format skeletal animations now supported, and Ogre 32bit index meshes as well. NPK (Nebula device archive) support added. Support for external windows under OS X. And of course lots of other improvements and bug fixes.

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