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Interview with Petri Talala Vice President, Mobile Business Futuremark Corporation on Benchmarking and OpenGL has posted a new interview with Petri Talala, Vice President, Mobile Business Futuremark Corporation on Benchmark testing and OpenGL. “Our new offering related to content creation in embedded base opens new era for Futuremark in a sense that we have started to offer great tool to SW companies, game studios and content developers.I[...] Currently most of the embedded devices are offering poor 3D performance. But this will change very soon. Even today some of the high-end phones such as Nokia N95 and iPhone include HW based GPU for mobile 3D and this allows very high-quality graphics capabilities. There is more and more mobile phones out there that supports even SW or HW based OpenGL ES API.”

Aug 20, 2007 | Read article... | Permalink

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