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S2PLOT version 2.4 released

S2PLOT, an OpenGL-based library for advanced three-dimensional plotting, version 2.4 is released. Support for standard and enhanced (3D and stereoscopic) display devices. This is an intermediate release offering a range of new features, as well as some important system changes. New features include:

  • a new open source S2PLOT application - s2anim - for displaying time-series of point-like data
  • functions to draw wireframe and transparent solid cubes
  • functions to draw textured spheres with control over the orientation of the texture In total 23 new functions have been added

The architectural changes are more significant than feature additions in version 2.4, as they are necessitated by the forthcoming Open Source release of S2PLOT.


Sep 29, 2008 | Read article... | Permalink

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