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Haptics development now easier with H3DAPI version 2.0

SenseGraphics is proud to announce the availability of SenseGraphics H3DAPI version 2.0. SenseGraphics’ open source H3DAPI is used for the development of simulator- and other multi-modal applications using force-feedback devices from SensAble, ForceDimension, Moog and Novint. The H3DAPI uses OpenGL for graphics rendering and combines it with haptics in one unified scene graph for easy and rapid application development. Since its introduction to the public in 2005, the H3DAPI has been used by companies, universities and research institutes to create or add the simulation of touch to their applications. Built on the industry standards OpenGL and X3D, H3DAPI enables rapid application development using X3D and Python alone. More major projects have been developed by extending H3DAPI capabilities with C++. The improved H3DAPI 2.0 now builds on the haptics engine HAPI which grants users more freedom and control in haptics rendering.

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