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GPU Caps Viewer 1.5.0

GPU Caps Viewer has been updated with a new OpenGL demo (hardware geometry instancing - shader model 4.0 required), and detection of GeForce GTX 280/260 and Radeon HD 4850/4870. Detection of PhysX driver has been added as well as support for S3 Chrome 400 series (430 GT and 440 GTX). GPU Caps Viewer is an OpenGL graphics card utility for Windows XP and Vista. This utility is useful for all 3D enthusiasts and graphics developers and offers the following features: quickly overview of the features of your graphics card, OpenGL capabilities as well as the complete extensions list, GPU temperature (GeForce and Radeon), GPU stress test, OpenGL tech-demos to validate graphics drivers (vertex displacement mapping, hardware geometry instancing, soft shadows, point sprite particles, HDR), online validation facility and complete report in xml format.

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