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GPU-accelerated creative media processing with MAX/MSP/JITTER v1.5 using the OpenGL API

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Max/MSP is a cross-platform graphical environment for music, audio, and multimedia. JITTER extends Max/MSP to support realtime manipulation of video, 2D/3D graphics and other data sets. The new v1.5 MAX/MSP/Jitter provide a visual programming environment for new media with support for the OpenGL Shading Language, a streamlined render to texture feedback mechanism for cascading multiple shader effects, as well as low-level interpreted OpenGL API command scripting and javascript based GUI drawing methods via the OpenGL API. Applications include GPU based stream processing, real-time video processing, volume visualization, or generic n-dimensional data analysis and signal processing. Recent projects range from evolutionary systems for generating video filters to a computer controlled paint gun printer,to music driven by the movement of ballet dancers, to a robotic labyrinth that changes form as the participant walks through it.

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