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GLSLvalidate v1.7 OpenGL Shading Language validation tool

GLSLvalidate is a GUI driven application that allows you to quickly verify that your GLSL shader is written according to the OpenGL Shading Language specification. There are GLSL implementations that allow a variety of language constructs that are NOT defined by the GLSL specification. These shaders are not portable and will not work on implementations that do conform to the specification. This application will load and parse a vertex shader or fragment shader using the open source GLSL compiler front-end from 3Dlabs. Any errors are reported in the application’s output window. (Because the GLSL parser is built into this tool, GLSLvalidate can be used on systems even if they do not support OpenGL or the OpenGL Shading Language.) Available as Win binaries or as BSD-style open source.

Aug 24, 2005 | Read article... | Permalink

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