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Free Open Source iPhone & iPod Touch OpenGL ES 3D Engine

The first release of SIO2 is now available, using OpenGL ES as the drawing API. Written in pure C using a bit of obj-c & C++ to glue things together, SIO2 is a light and flexible 3D engine for the next generation of mobile devices. This first release includes everything required to get started:

  • realtime physic (Bullet)
  • realtime MP3 (.ogg) using OpenAL & MPEG4 playback (.ogv)
  • world editor WYSIWYG (Blender)
  • scripting language (LUA)
  • exporter, realtime lighting
  • accelerometer & multi-touch support as well as many other features.

It is build around the official iPhone SDK (2.0 and up) for Mac OS X. Video tutorials, code samples, documentations, forums etc, are available to help you create your own 3D applications for iPhone & iPod Touch. A video showing some of the features is available on YouTube.

Oct 06, 2008 | Read article... | Permalink

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