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FileBrowse (public beta) file browser for Mac OS X creates 3D icons/thumbnails in real-time using the OpenGL API

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FileBrowse is an easy-to-use file/media browser for Mac OS X with unique features that the Mac’s standard file browser, the Finder, is lacking. FileBrowse shows thumbnails for most common file types, renders 3D icons/thumbnails in real-time, has folder icons that show the items inside, can show large previews in-context (between the icons), and has versatile grouping and sorting. FileBrowse uses the OpenGL API to render the 3D icons/thumbnails as well as the previews and most user interface elements. The icons are animated and have perfect anti-aliasing and realistic, soft shadows. FileBrowse is now available for download as a public beta.

Sep 12, 2006 | Read article... | Permalink

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