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Dryad tree creator would not have been possible without OpenGL, is now free

Stanford computer scientist Vladlen Koltun decided to build a better virtual world, one 3D tree at a time. Now he wants to give those trees away. Dryad is a new, intuitive way for individual users to create unique trees by simply using a mouse to move through the 100-attribute tree space in a fashion similar to navigating city streets on Google Maps. Dryad would not have been even remotely possible without OpenGL, letting you create hundreds of realistic, high-quality procedural trees that can be manipulated and browsed in real-time requiring extensive use of image based lighting, shaders, VBOs, FBOs, and more. Dryad trees are truly 3-D; they can be spun around or viewed from any angle and can be downloaded in the OBJ format and loaded into any major modeling program. The Dryad software is available at no cost.

Jan 10, 2008 | Read article... | Permalink

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