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Digital artist uses the OpenGL API to make interactive paintings, includes code and samples

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OpenGL may be a beautiful API, but is it art?  Digital artist Mark Napier uses OpenGL to create computer-driven “paintings” that respond to the interaction of the viewer.  Using Java with the LWJGL OpenGL binding, Napier creates programs that generate animated forms, motion, color and textures in response to the actions of the user.  Extensive use of alpha blending and pbuffers creates layerings of colors and textures.  Combined with motion generated by physics algorithms, these effects result in delicate and subtle paintings that slowly evolve on the screen.  His artwork will be on display in several venues.  The basic foundation code is available online and other digital artists are encourage to create their own virtual canvas and brushes.  His site features demos on the use of the LWJGL OpenGL binding for basic OpenGL API features.

Oct 25, 2005 | Read article... | Permalink

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