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DI-Guy Human Simulation Software Version 9.0 Released

DI-Guy, industry-leading COTS software for Human Simulation, announced today that Version 9.0 is shipping. DI-Guy 9.0 provides an SDK with support for OpenGL and OpenSceneGraph on Windows and Linux. DI-Guy is an integrated suite of human simulation software that features SDK and AI for creating and visualizing everything from a single individuals actions to crowds with hundreds of characters. DI-Guy features a wide array of life-like characters that perform thousands of activities. The character set includes soldiers, civilians, flight deck crew, policemen, emergency response, opfor, suspects, bicyclists, wheelchairs, hundreds of vehicles, and animals. The soldiers come with a wide array of uniforms, weapons, and motions customized to those weapons. DI-Guy characters transition smoothly from one motion to the next so that the author can command high level behavior and let the software worry about the details. DI-Guy is used by all four branches of the US Armed Services.

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