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CPAN OpenGL - First Update in 5 Years

Bob Free of Graphcomp has recently been made the primary owner of CPAN’s OpenGL module - and today has submitted the module’s first update since 2002. Perl OpenGL (POGL) provides a portable OpenGL/GLUT binding suitable for online services development, GPGPU operations, shader prototyping, video effects processing, research and 3D presentation. POGL provides OpenGL performance comparable to C (see benchmarks at, without the need to compile apps - reducing time-to-market through portability and ease of implementation/testing/debugging. This POGL release (0.55) adds support for MacOSX and FreeBSD, as well as 52 OpenGL extensions - inlcuding FBO, VBO and Vertex/Fragment Program support. This release has been tested on Windows (NT/XP/Vista), MacOSX (Tiger/Leopard), Linux (Fedora, Debian/Ubuntu, Gentoo), FreeBSD and Solaris - using a variety of nVidia cards, ATI and Mesa. Windows binaries (PPMs), documentation, samples, benchmarks and updates!

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