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Write Portable Code: An Introduction to Developing Software for Multiple Platforms

The development of cross-platform software has been a long-standing challenge for programmers because each system has its own requirements and peculiarities. However without portable code the programmer can’t expand the availability of their software to a broader market. (Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile Phones, Handhelds, or across processors) Programmers often pick up the idioms, tricks and methodologies for developing cross-platform software through sheer trial and error, as they encounter the same mistakes and patterns of code over time. If you’re an intermediate-to advanced-level programmer who’d rather cut to the chase, “Write Portable Code” contains the lessons, patterns and knowledge you’ll need for developing cross-platform software. Written by Brian Hook of id software (Doom and Quake) fame.

Jun 30, 2005 | Category: Developers


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