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Updated Perl OpenGL Binding v0.55 adds support for 52 extensions including shaders, FBO, and textures

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CPAN maintains an enormous Open Source repository of Perl modules, including an OpenGL module for hardware accelerated server-side applications (Perl under mod_perl or ISAPI runs nearly as fast as C/C++, and often is twice as fast as Java).  An updated Perl OpenGL (POGL) binding v0.55 is a release candidate with support for 52 OpenGL extensions.  It has been tested on Windows NT/XP/Vista and Linux Fedora 6, Ubuntu/Dapper. The authors are looking for testers for other platforms prior to submitting this to CPAN. Available via SVN, tarball, ZIP and ActivePerl PPM.

Mar 17, 2007 | Category: Developers


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