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Theater Booth Session at GDC March 7, 2007: What’s New with OpenGL?

At GDC 2007 (03-07-07, 2PM-6PM, San Francisco), the Khronos Group will host an in-depth series of sessions on the OpenGL API in "on-the-show-floor" theater/classroom (Booth #260). This course will be taught by leading developers and will cover what's new in the OpenGL 2.1 and upcoming in "Longs Peak" and "Mt. Evans".

  • Presentation covering general developments in the API, including future direction; and a detailed tutorial on the most relevant new standard features: FBO and EXT_gpu_shader4
  • Performance analysis and optimization
  • Development Tools including an update from the Tools working group and a presentation from Graphics Remedy
  • FX topics including addressing the use of GPGPU effects for enhancing rendering

Dec 22, 2006 | Category: Developers


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