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OpenGL Profiler for Mac OS X

At the WWDC, Apple announced Xcode 3, which like Xcode 2.3, includes the OpenGL Profiler for Mac OS X. OpenGL Profiler monitors a running OpenGL application and collects a variety of data pertaining to the application’s use of the OpenGL library, such as function call frequency and performance overhead. It also has the ability to suspend an application and display the frozen state of the OpenGL machine, the frame buffer, and any loaded texture maps. In general, the OpenGL Profiler provides a window through which you can peer inside an application in its running state to observe its true interaction with OpenGL. This can provide significant benefits for both performance optimization and debugging purposes. gDEBugger offers similar features for Windows, and BuGLe for Linux.

Aug 10, 2006 | Category: Developers


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