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OpenGL 2.1 specification increases power and flexibility of OpenGL’s programmable graphics pipeline;

The OpenGL 2.1 and OpenGL Shading Language 1.2 specifications have been released.  OpenGL 2.1 adds backwards compatible enhancements to OpenGL’s advanced programmable pipeline including: Pixel Buffer Objects for fast texture and pixel copies between frame buffer and buffer objects in GPU memory; texture images specified in standard sRGB color space for enhanced application color management flexibility; and numerous additions to increase the flexibility of shader programming including non-square matrix support, support for arrays as first-class objects, a fragment position query in shaders using Point Sprites and an invariant attribute for variables to enhance shader code reliability.  Read Khronos/ARB press release.

The OpenGL ARB is also developing an OpenGL 2.1 SDK complete with reference documentation, sample code, tutorials, tools and utilities for release in 2006.

Aug 02, 2006 | Category: Developers


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