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NVSG 4.0 Extends COLLADA Support

The NVIDIA Scene Graph SDK is an OpenGL-based object-oriented programming library for quickly creating rich, robust 3D scene-graph-based applications under either 32- or 64-bit Windows or Linux operating systems. NVSG Release 4.0 contains full support for COLLADA 1.4.1 including: COLLADA/FX (profile_CG), Skinning (CPU or GPU based), Animations, support for FX/Composer effects, and will also dynamically generate shaders for the profile_COMMON lighting model, implementing user-selectable per-fragment or per-vertex lighting. NVSG 4.0 includes enhanced support for Cg 2.0 features and all G80-class Texture Targets. NVSG is available free from the NVIDIA Developer Site

Jan 29, 2008 | Category: Developers


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