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Interface Concept and ACT/Technico Unveil New COTS Graphics PMC

Jul 04, 2007

Interface Concept and ACT/Technico have unveiled a new high performance COTS graphics PMC, the IC-GRA-PMCa. Built around the Carmine MB86297 GPU, which is the third generation of high-end graphics products developed by Fujitsu; the new IC-GRA- PMCa is an IEEE 1386-compliant PMC dedicated to mission critical embedded applications. It offers excellent 3D performance of up to 10 Mpolygons/s, the highest rendering performance available in the embedded market, with the lowest power consumption. X Server and OpenGL 2.0, with hardware-accelerated OpenGL-ES 1.1 functions, are fully supported and are compliant with the Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI). Additional libraries and drivers enable the use of video acquisitions and graphic multi-layer plans.