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ImageModeler 4.0 and StoryViz 1.0 use the OpenGL API for realtime display of image-based 3D modeled

ImageModeler is an image-based 3D modeler that uses the to extract 3D information from still images and construct accurate 3D models with realistic textures using realtime OpenGL API display.  V4.0 adds a new 3D/2D Integration tool for incorporating 3D projects into 2D photos, a new UV Mapping Editor and export of a 3D scene as a JPG file.  RealViz also announced StoryViz for planning film scense in detail and in real time. Based upon an OpenGL API 3D rendering engine and non-linear editing tools, it links storyboards and film production by simulating the shooting phase and pre-editing the final shots.

Aug 11, 2004 | Category: Applications


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