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GUN-TACTYX OpenGL-based Programming Game adds support for OpenGL 1.5

May 07, 2004

GUN-TACTYX is a more advanced version of a programming game called CROBOTS. Players must program the AI algorithms of their own team of bots and follow the fights against other warriors in a 3D arena. The engine (source code available) is based on the OpenGL APIand renders QUAKE3-style graphics to improve the realism of the battle field and involve more the players. This release extends the simulator with support of Soccer-like matches and adds grenades to the usual Fight mode. It also includes support for ARB extensions texture_env_combine, texture_cube_map, vertex_buffer_object and vertex_program. The extensions are used for simple pex-pixel lighting and for models animation. However the game does not require any extension to work properly, but the use of the latest OpenGL 1.5 drivers and a GeForce1 or Radeon graphics card class are recommended.