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3Dlabs OpenGL 2.0 drivers for Wildcat Realizm

Apr 27, 2005

3Dlabs Inc released OpenGL 2.0 for Wildcat Realizm professional graphics accelerators. OpenGL 2.0 integrates the OpenGL Shading Language into its core so that software developers can create advanced shader programs and easily port them to any OpenGL 2.0-enabled platform. The drivers are available as a free download.
3Dlabs also offer a set of OpenGL Shading Language development tools.

  • OpenGL Shading Language shader viewer enables the user to interactively control shader parameters, model geometry, textures, animation and see the results in real time
  • The ShaderGen software program provides developers a way to compare fixed-function renderings to OpenGL 2.0s programmable shader renderings through an easy-to-use interface. Using this tool, developers will realize how easy and flexible OpenGL 2.0 is
  • Through the shader validation tool, a shader author can quickly validate whether vertex or fragment shaders meet the OpenGL Shading Language specification
  • A parser testing application helps a developer determine how accurately a graphics compiler matches the OpenGL Shading Language specification.