3D Clouds & Sky SDK for OpenGL Adds Linux Support, 20% Speedup

Sundog Software has released version 1.8 of SilverLining, its SDK for real-time 3D volumetric clouds, physically-based simulated skies, natural lighting, and precipitation effects. By supporting the new bindless graphics extensions, this new version runs 20% faster on OpenGL, with framerates exceeding 300 fps on consumer-grade hardware for scenes with volumetric cumulus clouds stretching to the horizon. Version 1.8 also introduces Linux support in addition to Windows. Visit our website at www.sundog-soft.com for an evaluation SDK, demos, movies, and screenshots of SilverLining in use for simulation, training, and games around the world. Royalty-free commercial licenses and academic licenses are available.

Jun 08, 2009 | Category: Developers


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