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Carina cross-platform OpenGL API-based 3D Viewer adds support for X3D and VRML97

The goal of Carina is to create a portable, high quality viewer for 3D formats, as well as a plugin for web browsers. It uses the QT library, OpenGL API and Java. The new v20050927 adds Anchor, Avatar, PointLight, and SpotLight nodes, crease angles and texture coordinates in indexed face sets, as well as support for X3D classic and xml encodings. Carina uses XSL-T to convert between formats such as X3D XML and Classic encodings to xVRML. The application knows about the transformation and, with Java enabled, will load the file as if it had a native parser specifically for that format. This opens the door for future versions of Carina to allow end-users to add transformations, and for Carina to chain them together until a format is reached that it can load. (Collada anyone?) Downloads are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux (as source)

Sep 30, 2005 | Read article... | Permalink

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