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Cafu 12.05 3D game and graphics engine with OpenGL rendering

Cafu 12.05 is now available for download. Cafu is an open-source 3D game and graphics engine with OpenGL rendering. The new version 12.05 culminates three years of exciting work into a new stable demo release: It marks the completion and first release of the new Cafu Model Editor and many structural enhancements for game developers. The highlight of the release is the new Cafu Model Editor and the new models program code. The Model Editor answers the question: “How do I get my models into Cafu?” It can import many file formats and provides a graphical user interface for making Cafu-specific settings and adjustments to the imported model. The related new model code implements advanced features like automatic resource sharing, skeletal animation, seamless blending of several animation sequences, animation channels, skins, level-of-detail, submodels, GUI fixtures, and a lot more.

May 11, 2012 | Read article... | Permalink

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