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Bino 1.0 OpenGL-based video player for stereoscopic 3D video released

The Bino project released the first stable version 1.0.0 today. Bino is an OpenGL-based video player for stereoscopic 3D videos in a wide variety of input formats and stereo layouts. Bino uses OpenGL to support many 3D output methods, including anaglyph glasses, shutter glasses, autostereoscopic displays, and 3D TV sets. Additionally, by using the Equalizer framework (part of the OpenGL SDK), Bino supports distributed multi-display video output, e.g. for powerwalls or Virtual Reality installations. Bino is free software (GPLv3+). It currently works on GNU/Linux systems, Mac OS X, and Windows. The Bino project provides source code only; binaries for various platforms are provided by independent third parties.

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