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AS3D Single Chip 3D Projector from Projectiondesign utilizing OpenGL

3D stereo is one of the major capabilities of OpenGL and professional openGL applications. OpenGL provides a convenient quad buffer interface to provide “stereo in a window”. Presenting high quality 3D content is still an issue.
Now projectiondesign has released a 3D Projector suitable for 3D presentations to small and medium audiences. The 3D Projector presents high resolution Images (1400x1050 Pixel) at a white screen with Shutter Glasses. The technology is based on a System called Cube3D² developed by the german company digital IMAGE and recently licensed through projectiondesign. The new projector, based on projectiondesign F10 platfrom will accept passive and active input signals and can directly drive shutter glasses with an internal IR Emitter. Additional Emitters will be available for bigger audiences. The Image can be presented on a white screen without any special coating. The advantages of a single chip active projector for stereo are basically the equality of the both images. So the brightness, color and geometry of both images is perfectly identical. Additionally active shutter glasses in combination with high speed DLP Technology results in almost no ghosting or crosstalk. The small projector is perfect for mobile presentations and operated as a normal projector ! due to its size and weight, but also capable of drivin powerwalls, CAVES and othe Virtual reality installations. Price and availability will be announced by projectiondesign.

In Germany and austria the projector will be available through digital-image.

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