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GasLight OpenGL API-based iTunes visualizer adds rendering optimizations

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GasLight is an OpenGL API-based visualizer for iTunes. It’s essentially a spectrum analyzer, but is highly customizable to produce some beautiful effects. It uses fragment shaders for the nifty glow effects.  This latest release supports Mac OS X Tiger and adds rendering optimizations

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Wirecast v2 webcasting software uses the OpenGL API for easy compositing and video compression pre

Wirecast for Mac OS X creates dynamic webcasts with OpenGL API-based compositing, transitions and fx (e.g. crossfade, 3D cube, swinging doors, sliding, etc.). The new v2.0 adds support for H.264 video codec, Chroma key, anti-aliasing, Quartz Composer integration that lets you create amazing OpenGL API-based effects with no programming skills at all, and offloading video compression preprocessing from the CPU to the GPU using the OpenGL API.

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G3D Engine v6.06 adds support for OpenGL Shading Language on ATI boards

G3D is a BSD open source 3D engine that supports real-time rendering, off-line rendering, back-end game server management of 3D worlds, programmable hardware using the OpenGL Shading Language, OpenGL ARB assembly, NVIDIA assembly, and Cg specifications and OpenGL 2.0 support. The new v6.06 adds anisotropic textures, support for the OpenGL Shading Language on ATI hardware, and OpenGL profiling stats on RenderDevice.

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Relux Professional 2005 free lighting design software using OpenGL API previews adds printing to PDF

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Relux Professional 2005 is a free calculation and light design program with a joint luminaire database that contains data from 58 international manufacturers. It offers lighting calculations for indoor rooms, emergency lights, roads, and daylight. The new version supports textures, real-time OpenGL API accelerated previews and navigation, print to PDF and more.

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Irrlicht OpenGL API-accelerated 3D game engines adds Collada mesh format import

The Irrlicht Engine is an open source high performance OpenGL API-accelerated realtime 3D engine written in C++ with support for .NET. The new v0.10.0 adds suport for five new materials including parallax mapping (used in UnReal 3), renter to texture, specular highlights and COLLADA import.

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Moolah! The 3D Money OpenGL API-based screen saver released for Mac OS X

You’ll be drooling like an escaped mental patient as you sit and watch the endless money flowing across your screen in mind blowing OpenGL API 3D graphics! Included currencies are US Dollars and Australian Dollars, but there are heaps of additional currencies available for the full version, including Canadian dollars, UK pounds, EUROs

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Jammin’ Racer for Mac OS X offer OpenGL API-accelerated fast-paced arcade racing

Jammin’ Racer is a shareware game for Mac OS X that focuses on casual arcade-style racing and puts you behind the steering wheel of a customizable vehicle. OpenGL API-based graphics options include full-scene anti-aliasing, glow effects, full-screen mode, and sun glare. Jammin’ Racer adds to large collection of DanLabGames shareware OpenGL API-based games.

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SharpConstruct OpenGL API-based organic modeler adds support for quads

Cubed3W for Mac OS X is a slowly spinning cube rendered using the OpenGL API on top of your desktop that allows you to display and periodically reload four webpages of your choice.  This way you can easily check for new headlines on your favorite web sites.

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QSlim uses the OpenGL API for interactive polygon simplification

Numerous applications rely on polygonal surface models for both simulation and display. Traditionally, such models are fixed sets of polygons, providing a single LOD which may not be appropriate for every application. QSlim provides a command line interface for fast and automatic simplification of highly detailed polygonal surface models into faithful approximations containing fewer polygons. The interactive interfaces uses the OpenGL API for rendering.

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OpenGL Shading Language seminar from GameInstitute

This new semiar form GameInstitute covers the OpenGL Shading Language and includes a version of Shader Designer for Linux. The seminar covers the language basics, syntax, variables, etc., and explains the math and how to create shaders ranging from the most basic (a plain colored mesh) to an advanced lighting model (per pixel lighting + gloss + parallax + bump mapping). At the end of the seminar an example is provided of integration of a Shader Designer project into an engine.

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ActiveSolid v1.5.1 OpenGL API-based 3D ActiveX control adds object visibility controls

ActiveSolid is an OpenGL API-based 3D ActiveX control for solid modeling, prototyping and view markup with built-in GUI and an import/export plugin architecture. The new v1.5.1 adds HTML online help, object visibility control, ability to extend/shorten a mesh and ability to create spiral solids of arbitrary cross section.

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Per pixel subsurface scattering of light using the OpenGL API

In this simple demo aiffuse light component is rendered into lightmap space. Further passed and scattered light is calculated (simple exponent approximation)  on the base of 3D lockup texture (128x128x256). The scene is then rendered using the light map. The demo actively uses dynamic branching so it requires GeForce 6.

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Swift 3D V4.5 OpenGL API-accelerated D vector graphics animation tool adds pen styles, shadow densit

Swift 3D is an OpenGL API-based 3D modeling and animation software to quickly create high-quality vector rendered 3D-like animations for Flash. Swift 3D relies on the OpenGL API to depict the graphical representation of objects in the Viewports. The new v4.5 enhances rendering speed, pen style outlines, shadow density control and new video output options.

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CUBIT OpenGL API-based 2D/3D geometry & mesh toolkit adds more mesh types and enhanced GUI

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CUBIT is an full-featured cross-platform, OpenGL API-accelerated software toolkit for robust generation of 2D and 3D finite element meshes (grids) and geometry preparation. It is a solid-modeler based preprocessor that meshes volumes and surfaces for finite element analysis. The new v10.0 adds news types of meshing, enhanced geometries, XML file import, improved GUI including pan-zoom-rotate and fly in, and Mac OS X support.

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Genomorama genome viewer with high quality graphics using the OpenGL API

Genomorama is a software program for interactively displaying multiple genomes (DNA sequence and annotations). It provides a powerful yet easy to use interface and real-time navigation that leverages the visualization power of video-game optimized graphics cards using the OpenGL API and the substantial bioinformatic infrastructure via the NCBI C toolkit. Source and executables are available for Mac OS X, Linux and Win32

May 17, 2005 | Read article... | Permalink

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