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OpenWorlds OpenGL API-based 3D simulation engine for sale

Aug 04, 2004 | Categories: Developers | Comments

After 8 years of providing developer products for the OpenGL API 3D simulation community, OpenWorlds Inc. has announced it is seeking a
company or organization to acquire the source code and IP rights to its
OpenWorlds’ OpenGL API-based 3D simulation engine. It provides an X3D network 3D rendering engine which supports real-time shadows, mirrors, reflection mapping, movie textures, speech synthesis, and bump mapping.

Endorphin V1.6 OpenGL API-based 3D animation software optimizes character simulation

Aug 04, 2004 | Categories: Applications | Comments

endorphin lets you create high-quality character motions in real-time using an OpenGL API renderer. You direct your charaters’ actions by choosing from a list of adaptive AI behaviours that lets them interact all in real-time. When you’re happy with your animation, export crisp clean animation data. The new V1.6 adds enhanced adaptive AI behaviors, optimized character simulation, camera import, video plane back projection and dotXSI support

ATIs FireGL X3-256 offers stereo 3D with quad-buffering to AGP computers

Aug 03, 2004 | Categories: Processors | Comments

Expanding on the FireGL family of workstation graphics accelerators, the FireGL X3-256 gives AGP computer users dual DVI connectors, dual link support for 9 megapixel displays, OpenGL API-based stereo 3D with quad-buffered support, 12 pixel pipelines, six geometry engines, increased sub-pixel precision and 256MB of GDDR3 memory. MSRP of $1099US.

Nvidia SDK 8.0

Aug 03, 2004 | Categories: Developers | Comments

The latest version of Nvidia’s software development kit includes support for the latest GeForce 6 Series GPUs. Hundreds of new effects and code samples cover areas such as Shader Model 3.0, High Dynamic Range Rendering, Deferred Shadring, Instancing, Multiple Render Targets, Vertex Texturing, Soft Shadows, Perspective Shadow Maps, and more. Be sure to also review the latest Nvidia OpenGL Extensions.

ATI NVIDIA GET RAM shows VRAM usage and OpenGL API GPU statistics for Mac OS X

Aug 03, 2004 | Categories: Applications | Comments

Like the OpenGL Profiler, for OS X developers, the ATI NVIDIA GET RAM V058 shows some of your systems OpenGL API graphics card performance values. You do not need to install Apple’s Dev Tools.

Andromeda Online RTS uses OpenGL API for rendering

Aug 03, 2004 | Categories: Applications | Comments

Andromeda Online is a strategic starship wargame where players design a command crew, pick a stock starship or design their own, and go into battle. The game uses OpenGL API hardware acceleration on all 2D and 3D images.

OpenGL Volumizer 2.7 adds support for Windows

Aug 02, 2004 | Categories: Developers | Comments

feature graphic

OpenGL Volumizer is a high-level volume rendering API for the energy, manufacturing, medical, and sciences markets and is designed for interactive, high quality, scalable visualization of large volumetric data sets. (Examples include diagnostic CT, MRI, and PET scans; seismic data; and unstructured meshes common in computational fluid dynamics analysis.)  OpenGL Volumizer provides a high-level interface to OpenGL hardware to allow application writers and researchers to visualize multiple gigabytes of volumetric data. The API uses OpenGL for volume rendering and hence allows standard graphics applications to treat volumetric and surface data in a similar fashion. OpenGL Volumizer 2.7 adds support for the Windows OS.

Volocity uses OpenGL API acceleration for high performance biomedial 3D imaging

Aug 02, 2004 | Categories: Applications | Comments

Volocity for biomedical imaging uses new advanced algorithims and OpenGL API acceleration to provide high-speed, easy to use, interactive rendering of time resolved color 3D volumes. Volocity allows the user to visualize a 3D object and then observe and interact with it over time, providing scientists with a system to dynamically visualize both the structure and the purpose of biological structures.

solidThinking DESIGN 6.0 and solidThinking VANTAGE 6.0 add OpenGL API-based non-photorealistic rende

Aug 02, 2004 | Categories: Applications | Comments

The new solidThinking DESIGN 6.0 offers parametric surface modeling for industrial designers with state-of-the-art photorealistic visualization. solidThinking VANTAGE 6.0 targets industrial designers with engineering needs. Both provide full OpenGL API acceleration for realtime modeling and feedback.  The new v6.0 adds artistic sketch rendering (cartoon, color wash, pencil and ink), keyframe animation, and G3 curvature continuous fillets.

I Have No Tomatoes OpenGL API-based open source game

Aug 02, 2004 | Categories: Applications | Comments

“I Have No Tomatoes” features solid game play with beautiful OpenGL API driven isometric 3d graphics. It is free and open source for Linux and Windows.  Now, the question is, what to do when you have to waste ten minutes? The answer is, of course: squish as many tomatoes as you can! This game is just for that, but it is also a bit more. You may find it not to be complete waste of time after all…

OpenGL API based 64k animation used for EVOKE 2004 meeting invitation

Aug 01, 2004 | Categories: Applications | Comments

This 64kb real-time animation featuring graphics and music is used as the official invitation to EVOKE 2004. It requires a video card with Opengl 1.1 or better support.

GPU Gems II Call For Participation

Jul 30, 2004 | Categories: General | Comments

After the substantial success of the first “GPU Gems: Programming Techniques, Tips, and Tricks for Real-Time Graphics” book, NVIDIA is going to put out a second volume in this series, tentatively titled “GPU Gems II: Techniques for Graphics and Compute Intensive Programming.” Nvidia is soliciting proposals from OpenGL API developers for articles for this volume.

gDEBugger for analyzing and optimizing performance of OpenGL API-based applications

Jul 27, 2004 | Categories: Developers | Comments

gDEBugger is a debugger for analyzing and optimizing performance of OpenGL API-based applications. It traces application activity on top of the OpenGL API, providing application behavior information to find bugs and to optimize application performance. It supplies data such as OpenGL calls log, OpenGL state variables values and graphic system information and displays it in a small window that does not block the application graphic view. The program can be customized with definition of the menu sets, data and views appropriate for each debugging task. For Win 2000/XP.

ATI Mobility Radeon 9800 supports OpenGL 1.5

Jul 27, 2004 | Categories: Processors | Comments

ATI introduced the Mobility Radeon 9800 for laptops based on the same core technology that powers ATI’s Radeon X800 line. It features eight pixel pipelines, a 256-bit wide memory interface and support for ATI’s Smartshader HD and 3Dc, and full support for OpenGL 1.5 and the OpenGL Shading Language, as well as OpenGL 2.0.

GETIC 3D scene and model editor using the OpenGL API

Jul 26, 2004 | Categories: Developers | Comments

GETIC 3D is an interactive 3D editor for interior as well exterior scenes using OpenGL API rendering. Multiple CSG’s based on BSP trees makes possible complex model construction as well extreme terrain carving. It supports hidden surface removal, ready to run BSP trees with light maps, portals with Possible View Sets, and skyboxes with complex shapes layers and associated animations. It includes full set of demo C++ source code and tutorials.

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