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breve v1.9 OpenGL-based behavior simulation environment enhances rendering

breve is an OpenGL-based simulation environment which allows users to define the behaviors and interactions of different types of agents in a simulated 3D world and observe the emergent behaviors. This new v1.9 features MPEG movie and PNG image export on all platforms; a fullscreen mode for Linux and Windows; improvements to shadows and reflections; and general improvements and optimizations in the OpenGL-based rendering engine.

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SGL 3D Scene Graph Library V 0.7.0 adds OpenGL Shading Language support

SGL is a mature and robust cross-platform OpenGL-based 3D Scene Graph API, written in C++. SGL supports a number of 3D file formats (obj, 3ds, TXP, OpenFlight 15.7, VRML 2.0, MD3), and a variety of image file formats. SGL provides build environments for Linux, Solaris, IRIX, Windows (VC++ and cygwin), VxWorks, and MAC OSX. The latest v0.7.0 release adds support for OpenGL Shading Language, Image Caching, Qt improvements, Nvidia’s Cg, Shadow Mapping, multisampling, various ARB extensions, new build platforms, and bug fixes and improvements. (check the downloads link for this new build).

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SuperSpriteSurface v1.0 2D OpenGL-Accelerated Game Engine for REALbasic

SuperSpriteSurface is a middleware solution for REALbasic developers that allows REALbasic developers to create Macintosh games that utilize the OpenGL API, advanced collision detection and time-based animation.

May 12, 2004 | Permalink

VRizer Linux library to create stereoscopic output for any OpenGL-based game or software

VRizer takes conventional OpenGL-based games or software for virtual reality and creates a library that, when preloaded, intercepts the proper OpenGL/SDL calls to create 2 stereoscopic views out of 1 single frame stream. The original software is not altered in any way but the output is stereoscopic.

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Real-time atmospheric scattering using the OpenGL API

This paper and OpenGL API demo with source shows how to to real-time atmospheric scattering. It is based on the SIGGRAPH93 publication: “Display of The Earth Taking into Account Atmospheric Scattering”, which is a mathematically-heavy non-realtime algorithm. The demo focuses on optimizations that allow the algorithm to run in real-time without creating large lookup buffers, which allows almost all of the scattering coefficients to be changed quickly at run-time.

May 07, 2004 | Read article... | Permalink

Crystal Space is looking for engine/OpenGL programmers to work on their new Shader-savvy renderer

Crystal Space is an Open Source 3D engine that runs on Linux, Windows, and MacOS/X. The new in-development renders supports OpenGL 1.5 features like shaders (CG, vertex and fragment shaders), stencil shadows, etc. The renderer design is working and most important things are done. However, there are still a lot of missing features and there is a lot of testing, performance tweaking, and bug hunting that needs to be done.

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GUN-TACTYX OpenGL-based Programming Game adds support for OpenGL 1.5

GUN-TACTYX is a more advanced version of a programming game called CROBOTS. Players must program the AI algorithms of their own team of bots and follow the fights against other warriors in a 3D arena. The engine (source code available) is based on the OpenGL APIand renders QUAKE3-style graphics to improve the realism of the battle field and involve more the players. This release extends the simulator with support of Soccer-like matches and adds grenades to the usual Fight mode. It also includes support for ARB extensions texture_env_combine, texture_cube_map, vertex_buffer_object and vertex_program. The extensions are used for simple pex-pixel lighting and for models animation. However the game does not require any extension to work properly, but the use of the latest OpenGL 1.5 drivers and a GeForce1 or Radeon graphics card class are recommended.

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OpenGL-based falling blocks game in 3D, with monsters!

Bloxter is an OpenGL-based arcade/puzzle game with 3D graphics, falling blocks, bonus lamps, alien monsters and more. For Win and Mac OS X.

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ATI RADEON X800 to support next-generation OpenGL API

The new RADEON X800 graphics technology features an HD pixel shader engine with up to 16 parallel pixel pipelines. it support the OpenGL Shading Language and is ready to suppport the next generation of the OpenGL API.

May 06, 2004 | Read article... | Permalink

Sylphis 3D game engines adds support for OpenGL 1.5

The new release of the Sylphis 3D game engine adds support for OpenGL 1.5 and the newer video cards with fragment programs support. The engine already supports stencil shadows and realistic physics.

May 06, 2004 | Read article... | Permalink

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