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Implementing Ray Tracing on a GPU using the OpenGL Shading Language

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This pdf paper and supplementary source code presents a way to implement Whitted style (classicӔ) recursive ray tracing on current generation consumer level GPUs using the OpenGL Shading Language (and HLSL). Ray tracing is implemented using a simplified, abstracted stream programming model for the GPU, written in C++. A ray tracer on current graphics hardware reaches the speed of a good CPU implementation already. Combined with classic triangle based real time rendering, the GPU based ray tracing algorithm could already be used today for certain special effects in computer games. The web site also includes GPU Ray Tracing shader source code using the OpenGL Shading Language.

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Nvidia SDK 8.5 includes many code samples, fx and libraries

This v8.5 release of the NVIDIA SDK includes hundreds of code samples, effects, and libraries. New in this release: HDR using 2x fp16 render targets, DXSAS implementation, GPU video filtering, PBO texture performance analysis, relief mapping, Shader Model 3.0 examples, Deferred Shading, Instancing, Multiple Render Targets, Vertex Texturing, Soft Shadows, Perspective Shadow Maps, and more.

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Cupid’s 3D Valentine’s Day OpenGL API-based Screensaver

Display images of your Valentine behind a sea of 3D hearts in this unique 3D screensaver. While the hearts swirl, Cupid flutters around the screen taking shots at them with his bow and arrow, all in cool 3D graphics! Also includes a countdown to Valentine’s Day and many other options, and it’s all displayed in heart poundingly nifty OpenGL API 3D graphics!

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mame/xmess v0.90 arcade emulator enhances OpenGL API code to triple speed

Xmame/xmess are the Unix/X11 OpenGL API-based ports of the MAME (arcade machine emulator) and MESS (a virtual machine emulator, only it doesn’t emulate arcade machines but rather computers and consoles) projects. The latest v0.90 release improves the OpenGL code to more than triple speed,  as well as optimizing other functions.

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Glest OpenGL API-based RTS v1.0.10 released with source code

Glest is a RTS game using the OpenGL API that is fully customizable using XML. The current version includes a single player game against CPU controlled players, two factions with their corresponding tech trees, units, buildings and some maps. The new v1.0.10 include source code.

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OpenGL API code samples from screen initialization to vertex & fragment shaders

This series of OpenGL API tutorials for Win32 covers a wide range of topics including:  simple full screen window initialization, occlusion query, billboarding, texture animated 3d sprites, shadow mapping, shadow volumes,  vertex & fragment shaders, various shaders,  3D collision detection and more.

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Extglgen OpenGL Extension loading library supports OpenGL 2.0

Extglgen is a tool to generate an OpenGL library which simplifies loading and using OpenGL extension functions. The new version adds support for the newest newest SGI OpenGL extension header files and OpenGL 2.0 core functions.

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Lightwave 3D v8.2 OpenGL API-based animator adds new UV mapping and fixes

LightWave 3D OpenGL API-based animation software v8.2 (Mac and Win32) adds a redesigned easier-to-use UV engine for the modeler and layout, new anti-aliasing technologies (Pixel Lattice Deformation) in the renderer core, new options for image reconstruction filters and many bug fixes/stabalizations.

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EXT_framebuffer_object (FBO) extension now available

The EXT_framebuffer_object (FBO) extension is the long awaited render-to-texture extension developed by the ARB’s “superbuffers” working group. It defines a simple interface for drawing to rendering destinations other than the buffers provided to the GL by the window-system and enables a form of “offscreen” rendering and “render to texture”. This specification is the evolution of an effort that has its roots in draft proposals such as uberbuffers and render_target.

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OpenGL Shading Language tutorial adds sections on the graphics pipeline, data types, and a first sim

This OpenGL Shading Language tutorial has been enhanced with new sections on the graphics pipeline, communication from the OpenGL application to the shaders, data types, variables, statements, functions, and a simple first example.

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PLIB v 1.84 adds Open Inventor exporter

PLIB is an open source, portable game library that includes an audio driver, GUI widgets, a complete OpenGL API-based 3D engine and scene graph, font rendering using OpenGL texture mapped fonts, a simple Windowing library, a game scripting language, a GUI, networking, 3D math library and a utility library. Each library component is fairly independent of the others. The new v1.8.4 adds an Open Inventor exporter, optimizations, ASC import/export and Linux joystick support.

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Modo 102 OpenGL-based polyogonal and subdivision surface modeler adds transparency

modo is an advanced OpenGL-based polyogonal and subdivision surface modeler. The new Modo 102 add UV sew, bend tool, LUA scripting support; UV to EPS export, generating a quadrangular polygon from three vertices, OpenGL API rendering transparency, and more.

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AgentFX V2.1 Java/OpenGL API-based engine enhances scenegraph & rendering engine

AgentFX is a platform independent 3D-engine written in Java and uses the OpenGL API to deliver high-end features like real-time shadow volumes and dynamic lights. The new v2.1 includes a rewrite and major update of the scengraph and rendering engine, improved support for vertex and pixel shaders using Cg-language, resource-based Input/Out for use with Java Webstart, and a new input system.

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OpenGL API-based real-time soft shadows using 4 light sources

This is a demo of real-time soft shadows using 4 sources of light. The shadowing uses lightmaps but calculations and smoothing are made by GPU.

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RenderMonkey 1.5 X3D Exporter with OpenGL Shading Language support

RmX3DPlugIn is an X3D importer/exporter for ATI RenderMonkey 1.5 shader authoring tool. It aims to be conformant with the X3D Ammendment 1 draft specification (X3D is the XML-savvy successor to VRML). Capabilities include the export of X3D as both worlds and prototypes for maximum reuse of shader representations, and script representations of RenderMonkey’s built-in variables. It fully supports shaders written in both the OpenGL Shading Lanugage and HLSL.

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