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Pipss nternet protocol scanner/sniffer using the OpenGL API for 3D display

Perl Internet Protocol Scanner/Sniffer is a small series of tools for creating a 3D network monitoring system. Packets fly through the air from IPs to a given firewall/gateway. Pipss uses Tethereal to gather info, then uses the OpenGL API to create the scene. Traffic is updated in real time (about every 30 seconds) and is even color coded.

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VariCAD 2005 OpenGL API-based CAD software enhances 3D modeling kernal

VariCAD is an OpenGL API-based 3D/2D CAD solution for mechanical engineering on Windows and Linux. The new VariCAD 2005 adds a new highly stable, 3D modeling kernel with better 3D object displaying, easier 3D positioning and solid editing, easier creation of 2D drawing from 3D views, improved snapping and object selection in 3D. Trial version availble.

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High dynamic range rendering demo using OpenGL EXT_framebuffer_object extension

feature graphic

This demo of high dynamic range (HDR) rendering uses the EXT_framebuffer_object extension for its render-to-texture operations. The demo renders a scene into a floating point buffer, using a simple lighting model and some shadow mapping. The HDR portion of the image is then run through a separable gaussian blur filter and composited back onto the LDR portion, resulting in a glow effect.

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VRMesh 2.5 OpenGL API-based free-form mesh modeler adds texture emboss

VRMesh 2.5 is a sketch-based free-form OpenGL API-based 3d mesh modeler for arbitrary triangle mesh creation and processing. Markets include reverse engineering, conceptual design, and rapid prototyping. The new v2.5 adds a redesigned point cloud to mesh, enhanced mesh healing and emboss with texture.

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Desktop Puddle OpenGL API-based screensaver

Watch your desktop through a puddle of water with this realistic looking water effect screensaver. As the water ripples around your screen, your desktop is refracted through it, making it amazingly hypnotic to watch! And it’s all presented using the puddle formingly nifty OpenGL API!

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GPLIGC v1.5 analyzes and visualizes glider flight data using the OpenGL API

PLIGC is a program to analyze flight data from flight data recorders used by glider pilots. The openGLIGCexplorer (written in C++) allows one to view the data in 3D (including stereoscopic) or 2D orthographic mode using the OpenGL API, and can also be used as a digital elevation model terrain viewer. The new v1.5 adds support for interactive features of Gnuplot and improved offscreen rendering.

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Sega Animanium OpenGL API-accelerated 3D character animation software

Sega | Animanium and Animanium Express are 1K System for creating realistic human movement using an easy-to-understand 2D pose-to-pose workflow. They use the OpenGL API for real-time rendering and integrates and can manipulate bone data from 3DS Max, Maya, XSI, Lightwave and Character Studio. Free trial version is available.

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Modul8 V2.0 real time video mixing and compositing using the OpenGL API

Modul8 is a multi-threaded, extensible VJ-ing and realtime video compositing software for Mac OS X.  It uses the OpenGL API and GPU hardware for rendering, compositing and transformation. The new v2.0 adds a new interface, new fx & filters, realtime performance recording, the creation of advanced 3D objects from your 2D media: a new matrix mechanism for tiling your video source that supports 3D extrusion; an advanced real time patch system that lets you create complex dynamic 3D shapes by combining primitives, displacement mapping, sound waves; and a 3D particle engine designed for real time manipulation

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Beyond Virtual uses OpenGL API-based to offer real-time WYSIWYG, fully cross-platform game developme

feature graphic

Beyond Virtual Game development platform, the core technology behind the video game, Steer Madness offers OpenGL API-based real-time editing, full cross platform data support that lets you use the same data files for any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Irix, consoles), physics engine, sound mixer, lip sync, camera editor and path system, no conversion art import, immediate previews and more. It simplifies the game creation process by providing everything in a single package.

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Gled v1.2.5 development framework for distributed computing 3D visualization enhances OpenGL API-bas

Gled (Generic Lightweight Environment for Distributed Computing)is a C++ framework for rapid development of applications with support for GUI, OpenGL API-based 3D graphics and distributed computing. It extends the ROOT framework (standard data-analysis tool in high-energy physics) with mechanisms for object collection management & serialization, multi-threaded execution, GUI auto-generation (object browser & editor) and dynamic visualization (OpenGL). The new v1.2.5 enhances OpenGL API rendering, add improved GUI tools and adds initial support for OpenAL.

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OsiriX OpenGL API-based image processing software for MRI, CT and PET scans wins Apple Design Award

OsiriX is an open source image processing solution for MRI, CT, and PET scans. It has been specifically designed for navigation and visualization of multimodality and multidimensional images: 2D Viewer, 3D Viewer, 4D Viewer (3D series with temporal dimension, for example: Cardiac-CT) and 5D Viewer (3D series with temporal and functional dimensions, for example: Cardiac-PET-CT). The OpenGL API-based 3D Viewer offers all modern rendering modes: Multiplanar reconstruction, Surface Rendering, Volume Rendering and Maximum Intensity Projection. It won the Apple Design Award for best Mac OS X open source software.

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OpenGL Shading Language on-line documentation from 3Dlabs

3Dlabs has posted an on-line version of the reference documentation for the OpenGL Shading Language API entry points that were added to OpenGL 2.0. In addition, Auxilium (beta) will install this OGLSL reference information as a help file available through Microsoft Visual Studio 2003. 3Dlabs states that if there is enough demand from developers, other OpenGL API reference material will be made available in this format. Some updates have been made to the OGLSL features white paper (a good place to start when learning about the OpenGL Shading Language). The open source OGLSL compiler front-end has also been updated.

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New Book: Computer Graphics using OpenGL and Maya

Computer Graphics using OpenGL and Maya combines the hard-core theory of Computer Graphics with fun and visually appealing tutorials using the OpenGL API and Maya (sample code included). The book walks through the processes used by professionals in the entertainment industry to enable the reader to design and develop their own 3D animations for games and movies.

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Unity game development tool for Mac OS X with high speed OpenGL API-based rendering and shaders

Unity game development tool combines a user-friendly GUI application with the powerful OpenGL API-accelerated graphics and rendering capabilities in Mac OS X Tiger. It has a build in shading language that enables users to write custom shaders, and a realistic and fast physics engine to make games that work on both Mac and PC. Unity-created
games can run in various Macintosh web browsers, or exported as Dashboard widgets. Windows browser play coming soon.

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NVIDIA Solaris x86 Display Driver build 1.0-7664 brings OpenGL 2.0 to Sun Solaris x86/64

The NVIDIA Accelerated Solaris x86 Driver set brings accelerated 2D functionality and high-performance OpenGL API 3D support to Solaris x86 NVIDIA GPUs. The new driver build 1.0-7664 for Solaris 10 adds support for OpenGL 2.0 and the EXT_framebuffer_object OpenGL extension for both the x86 and AMD64.

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