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gDEBugger V1.5 adds shaders source code viewer and supports multithreaded applications

gDEBugger is an OpenGL debugger and profiler that traces application activity on top of the OpenGL API letting programmers see what is happening within the graphic system implementation. The new V1.5 adds a Shader Viewer that displays a list of shading programs and shaders existing in each render context, including each shader’s source code and parameters. It also supports multithreaded applications.

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Alpha to coverage demo/test using GL_ARB_multisample OpenGL extension

This demo application allows you to compare the quality between using alpha test and alpha-to-coverage for masked transparency when using multisample antialiasing. The alpha-to-coverage feature is available in the GL_ARB_multisample OpenGL extension and is supported by most hardware that support multisampling and normally produces much better quality for masked textures than alpha test does.

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GUatu V.86 GTK/OpenGL API-based comic book viewer adds full screen mode

GUatu is a fast, OpenGL API-hardware accelerated comic book viewer for .cbz/.cbr files in all formats supported by GdkPixbuf (jpg, gif, xpm, tiff, pnm, bmp, ras, png). It uses an intuitive click-and-drag interface for navigation. The new v.86 adds a full screen mode.

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Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTX GPU with support for OpenGL 2.0

Nvidia announced the GeForce 7800 GTX, made from the same technology that’s going into Sony’s OpenGL ES-savvy PlayStation 3 game consoles. The new GPU dramatically increase performance while using less power and emitting less heat. The new chips coincide with Release 75 of the NVIDIA ForceWare driver, for improved SLI performance with support for the latest games, new HDTV, as well as support for OpenGL 2.0 and a new programmable shader architecture.

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Nvidia ForceWare driver v77.72 supports OpenGL 2.0

Beginning with v75, the Nvidia ForceWare drivers offer support for OpenGL 2.0, broader SLI validation and optimizations, and improved video funtionality. The drivers are available for for Windows XP, Windows XP Profession x64, Windows NT4, Windows 9x/ME, Linux 32-bit, Linux 64-bit, FreeBSD, and Solaris.

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Cg 1.4 RC1 supports non-NVIDIA OpenGL API drivers

The Cg Toolkit provides a compiler for the Cg language, runtime libraries for use with the OpenGL API, runtime libraries for CgFX, example applications, and extensive documentation. The new Cg 1.4 RC1 includes a complete rewrite of CgFX so that it now works on all platforms, and works on non-NVIDIA OpenGL drivers. Native implementations are available for for Win32, Win64, Linux (32-bit and 64-bit), and Mac OS 10.3 (Panther) and 10.4 (Tiger).

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ImLib3D open source 3D volumetric image processing library using the OpenGL API

ImLib3D is an open source C++ library for 3D volumetric image processing. It comes with an optional viewer that features multiplanar views, animations, vector field views and OpenGL API-based 3D multiplanar. MultiPlanar view can be displayed and interactively manipulated in real 3D. With several images (like in serial MRI) you can display them using animations. Other features include annotations and 3D vector field views. All image processing operators can be interactively called from the viewer as well as from the UNIX command-line. In this new v0.9.2 release ImLib3D dependencies have been updated and ImLib3D has been split into two packages: the library and the viewer.

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3DBuzz offers OpenGL API training video CDs

3DBuzz is offering 2 new video training modules of in-depth lectures and techniques to create powerful effects with the OpenGL API. “Introduction to OpenGL” topics include GL, GLu, and GLUT, windowing interfaces, geometry and transformations, texture mapping, text and display lists.  “Intermediate OpenGL Techniques” topics include: real-time shadowing and reflections, antialiasing, and bump-mapping, ow to optimize your 3D environments using Octrees, Quadtrees, and BSP Trees, and creating your own custom shaders

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MNCadBuilder CAD application development framework using the OpenGL API adds .NET support

MNCadBuilder is a set of integrated CAD components to build state-of-the-art CAD applications.  It uses Borland’s Delphi and the OpenGL API. The new v1.4 release supports .NET in addition to Delphi/Win32.

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Delphi OpenGL Header adds support for .Net 1.1

The DelphiGL OpenGL header has been updated to support Delphi 2005 and .Net 1.1 . It consists only of a single .pas source file for Win32/Linux/.Net and doesn’t require external dll/assemblies. Almost all extensions are supported. They can be loaded at one time during OpenGL initialization, individually by special functions or the loading can be deferred until the first function call, which is prefered at .Net .

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Sh GPU metaprogramming language v0.7.8 with support for the OpenGL Shading Language adds flexible GP

Sh allows GPUs to be programmed directly in C++, as a natural extension of the language. Sh backends include support for the ARB fragment and vertex programming extensions as well as the OpenGL Shading Language. The new v 0.7.8 adds better backend infrastructure that allows much more flexibility, for example running parts of a GPU application on the host CPU and parts on the GPU at the same time.

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Pipss nternet protocol scanner/sniffer using the OpenGL API for 3D display

Perl Internet Protocol Scanner/Sniffer is a small series of tools for creating a 3D network monitoring system. Packets fly through the air from IPs to a given firewall/gateway. Pipss uses Tethereal to gather info, then uses the OpenGL API to create the scene. Traffic is updated in real time (about every 30 seconds) and is even color coded.

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VariCAD 2005 OpenGL API-based CAD software enhances 3D modeling kernal

VariCAD is an OpenGL API-based 3D/2D CAD solution for mechanical engineering on Windows and Linux. The new VariCAD 2005 adds a new highly stable, 3D modeling kernel with better 3D object displaying, easier 3D positioning and solid editing, easier creation of 2D drawing from 3D views, improved snapping and object selection in 3D. Trial version availble.

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High dynamic range rendering demo using OpenGL EXT_framebuffer_object extension

feature graphic

This demo of high dynamic range (HDR) rendering uses the EXT_framebuffer_object extension for its render-to-texture operations. The demo renders a scene into a floating point buffer, using a simple lighting model and some shadow mapping. The HDR portion of the image is then run through a separable gaussian blur filter and composited back onto the LDR portion, resulting in a glow effect.

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VRMesh 2.5 OpenGL API-based free-form mesh modeler adds texture emboss

VRMesh 2.5 is a sketch-based free-form OpenGL API-based 3d mesh modeler for arbitrary triangle mesh creation and processing. Markets include reverse engineering, conceptual design, and rapid prototyping. The new v2.5 adds a redesigned point cloud to mesh, enhanced mesh healing and emboss with texture.

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