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OpenCL and OpenGL support in OS X Mavericks and Yosemite

Learn about the OpenGL and OpenCL versions that are supported by your computer in OS X Mavericks and OS X Yosemite. The lowest version of OpenGL is now 3.3, with all 2011 and later desktop and laptops running OpenGL 4.1. OpenCL on desktops and laptops since 2012 are running OpenCL 1.2, with earlier version running 1.0.

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OpenGL Command-List:: Approaching Zero Driver Overhead

Tristan Lorach explains how to use the NV_command_list OpenGL extension to get maximum rendering performance from your GPU with close-to-zero CPU overhead while rendering. The command list approach combines bindless extensions, tokenized rendering, state objects, and flexible command listing. The accompanying YouTube video demonstrates interactive rendering of extremely complex models.

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Ray tracing with OpenGL Compute Shaders (Part I) using LWJGL

An excellent first part article/tutorial of a series on ‘Ray tracing with OpenGL Compute Shaders’ by Kai Burjack. Its pretty rare to find good tutorials covering such topics especially using modern OpenGL techniques.

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Co-author of the OpenGL SuperBible donates @OpenGL twitter account

OpenGL and The Khronos Group would like to thank Richard S Wright for his gracious donation to of his @OpenGL account. If any of you are into astronomy, be sure to follow Richard on his @AccidentalAstro account. For those that are not aware, Richard is a co-author of the OpenGL Superbible.

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NeoAxis 3D Engine is Now Fully Free!

NeoAxis Group Ltd is glad to announce that the universal OpenGL-based 3D development framework NeoAxis 3D Engine is now completely free, as the community has been asking for it. You can freely download the recently published SDK 3.0, which includes all the features previously reserved to Unlimited and Source licences. From now, the engine will be developed as free tool. Paid licenses will still give customers access to a bigger part of the engine’s source code.

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