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New 3D adventure kick starter using OpenGL

The new 3D adventure game Shades of Sanity is the “spiritual successor” of Sanitarium including some of the DreamForge development team such as Keith Leonard from the old OpenGL Unreal port. The game is a first person 3D horror adventure game inspired by the team’s work on Sanitarium. The 3D engine is new from the ground up and uses OpenGL for rendering. We make heavy use GLSL Shaders, framebuffer_objects, conditional rendering, occlusion query, vertex buffer objects, anisotropic filtering, GLEW, geometry shaders, KHR_debug, etc…. The engine is a lighting prepass renderer with some modern features such as bokeh, bloom, real time ambient occlusion, refraction, and even deferred ray marched reflections.

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OpenGL presentation slides from SIGGRAPH 2013 now online

The Khronos Group has posted the slide decks from the OpenGL BOFs at SIGGRAPH. The OpenGL and many other BOF slides can be found on the Khronos website.

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OGLplus 0.34.0 released

OGLplus is a collection of open-source, cross-platform libraries which implement an object-oriented facade over the modern OpenGL® and also OpenAL® and EGL C-language APIs. It provides wrappers which automate resource and object management, error handling and make the use of these libraries in C++ safer and more convenient. OGLplus comes with more than 100 examples of usage and several tutorials. Among other things this release brings the DSATextureEXT class for direct-state-access texture operations, several new examples and improvements to the build system.

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OpenGL SuperBible Sixth Edition is now shipping, code examples online

The OpenGL SuperBible is now shipping. If you haven’t ordered your copy of the sixth edition of the OpenGL SuperBible, now is the time. Example code is also available online. The book is available in book and e-book editions.

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New updates of 3D CAD app built on OpenGL and OpenGL ES

AutoQ3D is a full CAD application that let you make a lot of things in 2D & 3D. AutoQ3D CAD is easy to use and fast for everybody and has published a new 3D algebra which can replace the quaternions. The fast and light CAD editor is available in your favorite platform thanks to the use of OpenGL and OpenGL ES. AutoQ3D CAD Runs on Mac, iPad & iPhone, Android, Windows and Linux.

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Delphi / Pascal OpenGL Header 4.4 released

The Delphi/Pascal OpenGL Headers of the Delphi OpenGL Community have been updated to the latest 4.4 release of OpenGL. The header is a one-in-all unit, and supports all OpenGL versions up to 4.4 (core and extensions). It can be used with Delphi and Freepascal and supports a wide range of platforms, including 32- and 64- Bit Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. The current download and changelog can be found on the header’s official page on our wiki.

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OpenGL Space Combat and Strategy Game Programming

Learn by doing with a series of game prototypes to demonstrate the fundamentals of OpenGL-based space combat and realtime strategy game programming. Just released, prototype 6 is focusing on AI and gameplay: -Solar System Sectorization (fleet rendezvous and war zones nearby a planet or moon) -Special Operations (Solar System Annexion, Economic and Political Destabilisation) -more realistic gameplay -variable difficulty levels

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AMD Catalyst 13.8 Windows Beta Driver

Along with performance improvements, AMD Catalyst 13.8 windows beta driver now offers full support for the OpenGL 4.3 feature set.

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