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After More Than Twenty-One Years, OpenGL Goes Mobile

NVIDIA is the first to put OpenGL into mobile devices with the Project Logan GPU announced at SIGGRAPH, more than twenty-one years after OpenGL was released. The Project Logan GPU is based on the same Kepler architecture that powers the latest generation of GPUs – including the GeForce GTX Titan and our GeForce GTX 780 GPUs — shrunk down to fit on a chip no bigger than a thumbnail.

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G-Truc OpenGL 4.4 review and pipeline map available

Following the release of OpenGL 4.4 and GLSL 4.40 at Siggraph 2013 G-Truc has completed his traditional review. Each extension is described in detail, with the expected hardware support and contains some personal views on opportunities for an OpenGL 4.5 version.

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Unofficial OpenGL SDK 0.5.1 now supports OpenGL 4.4

The Unofficial OpenGL SDK now has support for OpenGL 4.4 in the GL Load component.

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OpenSceneGraph-3.2 released

New release provides improved support for iOS and Android, support for computer and tessellation shaders and range of other OpenGL extensions, new high quality shadow rendering technique and much more.

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3D Animation Editor built on OpenGL API

Marlin3D is an easy and simple 3D Animation Editor based in mesh keyframes with great graphics tools for 3D editing, easy timeline tool, group keyframe animation. You also get the royalty free Animation File Format Specification so you can use it in your own 3D Animation developments. Great for 3D presentations, simulations in a 3D environment or If you are a developer, you will be able to integrate the resulting animation file format to your own projects like games, simulations or just give a nice 3D animation touch or interaction to your users. It runs on Mac OS X thanks to OpenGL API. As a developer you get “Hello Marlin” source code, this is an example of an application using the animation file format pecification.

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Full OpenGL 4.4 on Mobile Devices: NVIDIA’s Mobile Kepler

NVIDIA is now demonstrating at SIGGRAPH 2013 its Project Logan hardware that brings NVIDIA Kepler architecture to mobile devices. This is full OpenGL 4.4; so compute shaders, programmable tessellation, NV_path_rendering, bindless graphics, advanced blend equation support, and full API compatibility are all there. Jonah Alben explains what this means in a blog post.

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OpenGL Loader Generation 2.0 now supports OpenGL 4.4

The OpenGL Loader Generator version 2.0 provides full loading support for OpenGL 4.4 and the most recent OpenGL extensions.

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GLEW 1.10.0 supports OpenGL 4.4

GLEW 1.10.0 is now available and includes OpenGL 4.4 support.

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NVIDIA releases OpenGL 4.4 beta drivers

To coincide with the release of OpenGL 4.4, NVIDIA is pleased to announce our OpenGL 4.4 beta drivers are available for immediate download for Windows and Linux. These drivers provide full OpenGL 4.4 and GLSL 4.40 functionality and implement all the ARB extensions released today, which include ARB_bindless_texture, ARB_compute_variable_group_size, ARB_indirect_parameters, ARB_seamless_cubemap_per_texture, ARB_shader_draw_parameters, ARB_shader_group_vote and ARB_sparse_texture. Also released is a new extension called NV_blend_equation_advanced, which adds many new advanced blending equations. Further details and driver downloads are available at the NVIDIA OpenGL 4.4 website.

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Khronos Releases OpenGL 4.4 Specification

The Khronos™ Group today announced the immediate release of the OpenGL® 4.4 specification, bringing the very latest graphics functionality to the most advanced and widely adopted cross-platform 2D and 3D graphics API (application programming interface). OpenGL 4.4 unlocks capabilities of today’s leading-edge graphics hardware while maintaining full backwards compatibility, enabling applications to incrementally use new features while portably accessing state-of-the-art graphics processing units (GPUs) across diverse operating systems and platforms. Also, OpenGL 4.4 defines new functionality to streamline the porting of applications and titles from other platforms and APIs. An official feedback thread is available in the OpenGL forums.

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The OpenGL ARB cordially invites you to come attend the yearly BOF at Siggraph

The OpenGL ARB cordially invites you to come attend the yearly BOF at Siggraph. We’ll be meeting on Wednesday evening at 7:00pm at the Hilton Anaheim hotel. Besides the latest news on OpenGL we’ll have three blitz presentations of 10 minutes each on topics that I hope are of interested to you, our OpenGL developers. Right after will be the OpenGL ES BOF, followed by an awesome party. I hope to meet you there!

  • OpenGL 4.4 introduction, news and updates
    Barthold Lichtenbelt – OpenGL ARB Working Group chair - NVIDIA
  • nvFX: A New Shader-Effect Framework for OpenGL and OpenGL Compute and other APIs
    Tristan Lorach – Senior Devtech Engineer - NVIDIA
  • From DirectX to OpenGL in 2013
    Karl Hillesland – demo/research team - AMD
  • OpenGL Batching for the masses
    Samuel Gateau – Senior Devtech Engineer - NVIDIA

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OpenGL at SIGGRAPH 2013

The Khronos Group will be in booth #235 on the main aisle on the Exhibition floor at SIGGRAPH 2013. Drop by and check out their “History of the Mobile Phone” display, showcasing the last 30 years of mobile phone technology. Exhibition attendees will receive their choice of a Khronos T-Shirt or pint glass or Khronos technology reference card when they complete a tour of this informative and entertaining pictoral exploration of the history of the mobile phone.

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FurMark 1.11.0 Released

The new version of FurMark, the popular OpenGL stress test utility for graphics cards, is available. FurMark 1.11.0 adds the display of NVIDIA GPU Boost limiting policies for GeForce GTX 600 and GTX 700.

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New & Exciting OpenGL 3 Benchmark

There’s finally a new and visually exciting OpenGL benchmark to try out for Linux, OS X, and Windows users alike. The benchmark also supports OpenGL 3.x contexts for making testing more exciting with regard to the Linux graphics driver stack.

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OpenGL Gets Faster With OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Beyond Apple’s forthcoming OS X 10.9 “Mavericks” release finally bring OpenGL 4.0 support to Apple hardware, there’s also GL performance improvements to make OS X more competitive with other operating systems for gaming.

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