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Unofficial OpenGL SDK 0.5.0 release candidate

The unofficial OpenGL SDK has reached the 0.5 release. This version includes: * More pre-generated meshes. * Basic font rendering. * Support for KHR_debug. * RAII-style objects to manage program and shader objects. * The OpenGL Loader Generator as a packed-in extra.

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OGLplus 0.31.0 released

OGLplus is a portable open-source library implementing an object-oriented facade over the OpenGL (version 4) C-language API. It provides wrappers which automate resource management and make the use of OpenGL in C++ safer and more convenient. OGLplus comes with more than 100 examples of usage and several tutorials.

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Building Worlds With Distance Functions in GLSL

Distance functions are very popular in the demoscene world and this article will show you some simple distance functions that allow to model basic shapes (plane, sphere, box, torus) in GLSL. Demos based on the OpenGL Shading Language and Lua programming language are provided.

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ShaderToy web based platform for developing and teaching GLSL based shading

Shadertoy is a web based platform for developing, sharing, learning, getting inspiration and teaching GLSL based shading. Developers create shaders using a live environment that allows them to see the final results as they are coding. These creations can react to different inputs such us music, videos, time of the day, and others. also introduces a social platform, which makes it a place to give feedback, promote great work, and share creations regardless of being an industry professional or students/hobbyists. The website has been running for a couple of months and has grown rapidly with beautiful works showing a great variety of rendering techniques, from post processing effects, procedural raymarchers, raytracers and demoscene pieces to simple 2D procedural graphics.

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GLSL Hacker 0.5.0 With Python Support

GLSL Hacker is a cross-platform utility (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X) for coding 3D demos and prototypes with GLSL, Lua and Python programming languages. GLSL Hacker 0.5.0 adds the support of Python 2.7, improves compute shaders support and fixes many bugs.

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NVIDIA launches Nsight Visual Studio Edition 3.0 with OpenGL debugging support

The NVIDIA Developer Tools team is proud to announce the final release of NVIDIA® Nsight Development Platform, Visual Studio Edition 3.0, an application development platform for heterogeneous systems. This new release officially supports OpenGL frame debugging and profiling, GLSL GPU shader debugging, local single GPU shader debugging, the new Kepler GK110 architecture found in Tesla K20 & GeForce GTX TITAN, and CUDA 5.0. This release requires NVIDIA Display Driver Release 319 or newer.

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Comparing Hosek-Wilkie and Preetham Sky Models in SilverLining SDK 2.8

The SilverLining Sky, 3D Cloud, and Weather SDK for OpenGL now lets you switch between the new Hosek-Wilkie model presented at the 2012 SIGGRAPH conference, and the 1999 Preetham model for simulating real-time skies for any time and location. A video’s been prepared using SilverLining comparing its extensions to the two models.

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How to get Tessellation shaders working in Mac OSX

After GpuTest said it could do tessellation shaders under mac OSX i decided to investigate how to do this as it’s an undocumented feature. This blog post shows how to define the tessellation control and evaluation shaders under mac osx and also how to enable the drawing of GL_PATCHES.

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GpuTest 0.4.0: Cross-Platform OpenGL Benchmark

GpuTest is a new OpenGL graphics benchmark tool for Windows, Linux and OS X that includes several 3D tests: one test based on FurMark, one OpenGL 4 tessellation test, one OpenGL 3.3 geometry instancing test and two heavy pixel shader tests. Each test can be launched from the command line (an user interface is available for Windows and OS X) and benchmark results can be saved in a CSV file.

May 09, 2013 | Read article... | Permalink hosts three more OpenGL 3 and 4 examples

There are three basic OpenGL examples available about shadow volumes, displacement mapping with screen space dependent tessellation and an erode effect using a 3D noise texture. The OpenGL Graphics Engine is extended as well and there are now four complex OpenGL examples available. All examples do have source code and assets included.

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3D Box Shot Pro V2.01 with OpenGL 2.1 LLVMPipe

Jellypie Software have released 3D Box Shot Pro V2.01 with a software rendering option that allows the program to run on any Windows PC, irrespective of the graphics card or driver installed. The software version includes an LLVMPipe software driver that emulates OpenGL 2.1 functionality to provide environment and depth mapping effects on machines without hardware OpenGL 2.1 support. The software driver does incur a performance hit, with the real time preview in 3D Box Shot Pro running at a lower frame rate. The preview output also lacks anti aliasing, however the rendered output, while taking significantly longer to generate, looks as good always

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Comportability to hold 1st International Workshop on OpenCL

Comportability launches as a formal organization for OpenCL users. Established as a non-profit corporation by some of OpenCL’s primary advocates, Comportability is an open forum for all things related to OpenCL. Membership is free and individuals are invited to participate in discussions, upload software and take part in the annual workshop. Institutions and vendors may join as voting members, and are invited to form regional chapters, which are encouraged to host future meetings and workshops. The 1st International Workshop on OpenCL (IWOCL) will take place May 13-14, 2013 at the Technology Square Research Building (TSRB) at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. Registration for this event is open and the program is on-line.

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Intel Brings OpenGL 2.0/2.1 To Classic i915 Mesa Driver

Intel’s Eric Anholt has made some improvements to their official classic driver. Eric’s first i915 driver change was always enabling OpenGL 2.0 support rather than OpenGL 1.4 as the case has been. Immediately following that was another commit to add support for GL_EXT_texture_sRGB and GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_decode. Phoronix has more about the changes on their site.

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April 2013 OpenGL status from g-truc

G-Truc has updated their OpenGL driver status for April 2013. The tested drivers this month are AMD Catalyst 13.4, Intel and NVIDIA Forceware 320.00 beta.

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