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‘Object Motion Blur’ tutorial published

The 41st installment in a series of tutorials on modern OpenGL is now available. This tutorial demonstrates a simple method to add a motion blur effect to an animated scene.

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WebGL Momentum Creating the Industry’s most Secure and Portable 3D Platform

The Khronos™ Group today announces that multiple WebGL™ 1.0.1 implementations are now fully conformant on a range of desktop and mobile platforms – with many more to follow.  In addition, the WebGL 1.0.2 specification and a set of extensions have been submitted for ratification and are expected to be formally released in April 2013.

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New glTF project to streamline content delivery from COLLADA to OpenGL, OpenGL ES and WebGL

The COLLADA Working Group announced the formation the new “glTF” project to define a final stage OpenGL Transmission Format to enable rapid delivery and loading of 3D content by OpenGL, OpenGL ES or WebGL APIs.

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The RealityPlayer 1.6.1 now available!

The RealityPlayer is an OpenGL-accelerated playback software that supports all common stereoscopic and auto-stereoscopic 3D Formats and a wide range of output devices. It is now available in version 1.6.1 for Windows.

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AntTweakBar updated with fixes and a new home

The AntTweakBar website has moved to sourceforge at: AntTweakBar is a small and easy to use C/C++ library to quickly add a light and intuitive GUI into OpenGL based programs. The latest version (1.16) improves OSX 10.8 support (among other things).

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OpenGL Loader Generator 1.1 Release

The OpenGL Loader Generator makes loading OpenGL functions easy. It generates only the functions and enums you ask for, so your headers are much smaller. And since you compile it into your code, you never encounter “Unresolved Externals” and so forth. This newest version has new generation styles that offer improved autocomplete support as well as GLee-style loading for both C and C++-style interfaces. Also, several bugs have been fixed.

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WebGL-based MOOC on Interactive 3D Graphics

Udacity and Autodesk are now offering a MOOC on the basics of interactive 3D graphics. A MOOC is a massive open (i.e. free) online course. The self-paced course is based on WebGL through the popular three.js library. 19,000 people have signed up so far.

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Voreen Version 4.2 Released

Version 4.2 of the open-source, cross-platform volume visualization tool Voreen is now available for download. This version brings significant performance optimizations, stereoscopic rendering, a OpenCL-based 3D random walker implementation for interactive volume segmentation, and extended visual debugging features of the network editor.

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OpenGL in Qt 5.1, first two parts of blog series available

These two blogs are the first in a series that will show how to use OpenGL with Qt 5. In first article, we shall take a very quick look at Qt’s historical support for OpenGL and then go on to describe the first batch of new features coming in Qt 5.1 that will enhance Qt’s OpenGL support. The second part focuses on Vertex Array Objects. Upcoming blogs in this series will describe more features and show some simple examples of how easy it is to use Qt for OpenGL development.

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OpenGL SuperBible 6th edition now available for pre-order

OpenGL SuperBible, Sixth Edition is the definitive programmer’s guide, tutorial, and reference for the world’s leading 3D API for real-time computer graphics, OpenGL 4.X. The best all-around introduction to OpenGL for developers at all levels of experience, it clearly explains both the API and essential associated programming concepts. Readers will find up-to-date, hands-on guidance on all facets of modern OpenGL development, including transformations, texture mapping, shaders, advanced buffers, geometry management, and much more. Fully revised!

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Learn by doing OpenGL Space Combat and Strategy Game programming

A series of game prototypes to demonstrate the fundamentals of OpenGL-based space combat and realtime strategy game programming. Just released, prototype 3 is focusing on basic mission design and celestial body movement: Fully playable simple realtime strategy space game based on prototype 2; Thread-based physics simulation of celestial bodies (planets and moons); Schematic representation of planets, moons and orbital curves; Improved rendering of 3D-nebula-clouds and Text-based game intro (text rendering with color fading).

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2D and 3D CAD Editor built on OpenGL and OpenGL ES

AutoQ3D CAD a full CAD application that let you make a lot of things in 2D & 3D on most platforms. AutoQ3D CAD is easy to use and fast for everybody to learn including sketchers, architects, engineers, designers and students. The fast and light CAD editor is available in your favorite platform thanks to the use of OpenGL and OpenGL ES. AutoQ3D CAD Runs on Mac, iPad & iPhone, Android, Windows and Linux.

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Triton Ocean SDK 2.0 adds shorelines, rotor wash, impacts

Sundog Software released version 2.0 of the Triton Ocean and 3D Water SDK for games and simulations, which uses OpenGL together with OpenCL and CUDA to simulate thousands of 3D waves at once. This new release adds coastal effects, helicopter rotor wash, improved ship wakes, and impacts on the water that generate 3D waves and particle-based spray.

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AMD FirePro collaborates Siemens PLM to implement VBO delivering +5X speed up in Femap 11

Siemens PLM worked with AMD FirePro to implement OpenGL VBO’s (Vertex Buffer Objects) in Femap 11 CAE software. With the new VBO technology, dynamic rotation of large, complex models is at least five times faster than the previous version when running on the AMD FirePro W5000 and W7000 graphic cards.

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GLUS for OpenGL now supports the Raspberry Pi

GLUS, a helper library for OpenGL and OpenGL ES now also supports the Raspberry Pi. Three basic OpenGL ES 2.0 examples are included, which do run on Windows and the Raspberry Pi.

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