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Real-Time Procedural Planet Rendering

In our new OpenGL tutorial, we want to demonstrate several interesting techniques of real-time procedural planet rendering: Screen space atmospheric light scattering (both Rayleigh and Mie); Basic cloud rendering (cloud layers) combined with light scattering; Procedural planetary surface generation (both color and geometry) based on noise and detail textures; Three different planetary surface rendering techniques depending on the actual planet-to-camera-distance: Long, Medium and Short distance rendering.

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Sundog adds God Rays, Cloud Shadows to SilverLining SDK

Sundog Software released version 2.7 of its SilverLining Sky, 3D Cloud, and Weather SDK today, rolling out several new visual effects for game and simulation developers. SilverLining supports OpenGL 2.0+ based engines, and OpenGL ES 2.0 under Android. SilverLining 2.7 adds crepuscular rays (God-rays), beams of light emanate from the sun when it’s behind clouds, leading to visually stunning scenes with no extra effort from the developer.

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New project called Tao Classic revives the abandoned Tao Framework with OpenGL 4.3 support

For years Tao Framework was the most popular .NET binding for OpenGL and many other multimedia-related libraries, but unfortunately the project became abandoned some time around 2008, leaving its last release supporting OpenGL 2.1 only. In 2012, based on the same design philosophy and the latest source code of Tao Framework, development was picked up once again by a different staff but with the same goal - to provide 1:1 bindings to OpenGL for .NET and Mono. The currently supported OpenGL version in Tao Classic is 4.3.

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OpenGL ES 3.0 examples available on

The website now also hosts OpenGL ES 3.0 examples. After porting GLUS to OpenGL ES 3.0, there are now 14 OpenGL ES 3.0 examples available. Currently, the examples only run under Windows, but a Linux port is also planned.

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Drishti-2.2 released

Drishti (version 2.2) Windows, MacOSX and Linux binaries are now available for download at the google code site. This volume exploration and presentation tool runs on GPUs having OpenGL 2.0 or higher capability. Drishti-2.2 includes bug fixes and many newer additions such as 16-bit volume handling, access to itk filters via plugins and much more. A complete list of changes is available at the google code site. Drishti allows scientists to visualize, explore and present volumetric datasets. Help videos are available on our youtube channel. More help videos will be added in coming days. Join the Drishti User Group.

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Gizmo3D on 64 bit OSX Cocoa

Gizmo3D 2.6.23 now runs on 64 bit OSX Cocoa and iOS with the new features for dynamic distributed terrains. Gizmo3D is a complete solution for the industrial, military and gaming “Vis-Sim” community.

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GLSL Hacker 0.4.0 Cross-Platform Programming Tool Released

GLSL Hacker is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux and OS X) tool for fast realtime 3D prototyping and coding. It’s based on widely used standards such as GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language), Lua or Python.

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OGLplus 0.24.0 released

OGLplus is an open-source library implementing a thin object-oriented facade over the OpenGL (version 4) C-language API. It provides wrappers which automate resource management and make the use of OpenGL in C++ safer and easier. OGLplus comes with more than 100 examples of usage and several tutorials.

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KDAB OpenGL training for 2013

Following the success at the Qt Developer Days conferences, KDAB is now offering Open Enrollment training in Modern OpenGL. Details are available online. Courses are planned for Berlin, London, Houston and the Bay Area in the first half of 2013.

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Redsdk gets embeded inside the worlwide leading kitchen & bathroom design software

Redway3d developed the first and still the sole graphics kernel which unifies real-time (OpenGL based) and photo-realistic features for 2D/3D rendering. The Redway3d can be plugged inside any existing software easily, as detailed on this business case.

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OpenGL Space Combat And Strategy Game Programming

Learning by doing - with a series of game prototypes, we want to demonstrate the fundamentals of OpenGL-based space combat and realtime strategy game programming. Now, prototype 2 has just been released. Fully playable, it covers the basics of a simple realtime strategy space game:

  • Procedural galaxy generation
  • Rendering of 3D nebulae and stars with texture buffer instancing
  • Icon rendering (space ship and solar system icons) with uniform buffer instancing
  • Basic starfleet management and ship-to-ship combat simulation
  • Dynamic political and economy simulation
  • AI simulation (fleet movement, coordinated solar system attacks, etc.) in a separate thread

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OpenGL4Net: a simple .net wrapper for OpenGL 4.3

OpenGL4Net is a simple wrapper of OpenGL 4.3 for .NET platform. The main idea of the library is to keep the syntax as close as possible to the C style and on the other hand, provide some overloaded functions that simplifies the development of .NET application.

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3D Impact Media will showcase real-time multiview conversion at CES 2013

DTI will present their latest 3D displays showcasing 3D Impact Media’s 2D-3D real-time multiview conversion technology based on OpenCL and OpenGL. See and meet us at booth #36385 at the Southeast corner of South Hall 4.

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OpenGraph Library is released

Computations & Graphics, Inc. (CGI) OpenGraph Library is a powerful 2D and 3D visualization and charting software tool. It is built on the industrial strength OpenGL. The library shields you from the need to learn the complex OpenGL API and makes it easy to setup impressive and interactive graphics framework quickly. It supports zooming, panning, rotating, selecting 3D models using mouse events. This library provides both native C++ and .NET interfaces and is especially suitable for building scientific, engineering and financial software applications.

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Nopper’s OpenGL 4 Graphics Engine updated

On the website, a new version of the graphics engine based on OpenGL 4 has been released. Also, there is a new example based on this engine available. Full source code and assets are included.

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