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Shaderific 2.5 adds support for particle systems

Shaderific 2.5 is now available. Shaderific is an educational app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that helps computer science students and experienced developers to get started with OpenGL ES 2.0 shader development. This update adds support for particle systems with spherical and cubic shape. The number of particles (particle density) can be changed in a range of 1,000 to 100,000 particles without interrupting the rendering loop. The added multitouch support provides shader programs with access to a new uniform array containing the screen coordinates of the respective touches. Furthermore, shader programs can now make use of the whole screen real estate by using full screen mode. This can be very useful to prototype image processing shaders (e.g. texture blending).

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Qt 5 has been released

The Qt Project is proud to announce the final release of Qt 5. It is the latest version of the Qt C++ UI framework and the foundation for a new way of developing applications, where Qt Quick is in the center of Qt. Qt 5 continues to offer all of the power of native Qt C++ enabling highly sophisticated user experiences, offering applications the full capabilities of OpenGL/OpenGL ES graphics acceleration. Planning has already started for an even greater role of OpenGL in Qt 5.1.

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SIGGRAPH Asia OpenGL Presentations Available

SIGGRAPH Asia included Khronos presentations on OpenGL SC and teaching OpenGL.

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OpenGL at Qt Developer Days 2012

Back in October KDAB hosted Qt Developer Days 2012 in Berlin. All the presentations from the conference were recorded and are now available online. There were also two presentations about OpenGL with soon to be released Qt 5: OpenGL with Qt 5 and Modern Shader-based OpenGL Techniques.

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Retrobooster Gets Playable Demo

Really Slick is making an upcoming 2.5D survival shooter and cave-flyer called Retrobooster. The graphics for this game are created with OpenSceneGraph, an OpenGL-based scene graph. It also contains a custom particle effects engine made with raw OpenGL. A new playable demo has just been released for Windows and Linux so that players can try the first few levels. Retrobooster is scheduled to be completed sometime in 2013.

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