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Khronos Releases Significant OpenCL 1.2 Specification Update

The Khronos™ Group today announced the ratification and public release of an update to the OpenCL™ 1.2 specification, the open, royalty-free standard for cross-platform, parallel programming of modern processors.  This backwards compatible version updates the core OpenCL 1.2 specification with bug fixes and clarifications and defines additional optional extensions for enhanced performance, functionality and robustness for parallel programming on a wide variety of platforms.

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Programming NV_path_rendering

This annex expands upon how to program the NV_path_rendering extension described in the GPU-accelerated Path Rendering SIGGRAPH Asia paper.

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DiSTI’s GL Studio Illumenated by New Runtime Engine

The DiSTI Corporation announced the debut of Lumen, GL Studio’s new runtime engine. GL Studio powered by Lumen provides enhanced development features and increased capabilities. Among the set of new features, Lumen allows GL Studio users to integrate their graphical content with DirectX based scene generators opening up deployment options beyond the standard OpenGL landscape.

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Better syntax highlighting for GLSL

Sadly, syntax highlighting for GLSL shaders in QTCreator and Kate (KDE) didn’t catch up with the latest language definitions. This posting provides an updated syntax definition that supports up to GLSL 4.30 as well as shaders for OpenGL ES 2.0/3.0. Based on the #version definition inside of the shader it even is able to detect the language version and mark only available keywords, build-in variables and functions as such. Notes to install the free glsl.xml file are provided.

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Jellypie Software Release 3D Box Shot Pro v2

Jellypie Software are delighted to announce the release of 3D Box Shot Pro v2. Featuring all new OpenGL driven embossing, debossing and environment mapping effects, 3D Box Shot Pro v2 now includes some amazingly detailed iPhone 5 models that are rendered in real time using the OpenGL rendering engine. The new effects allow you create amazing bump mapped virtual packaging for Software Boxs, DVD Cases, eBook Covers, iPhones, Cans and computer monitors. 3D Box Shot Pro v2 can also now import external .md2 models as well as .3ds files. With print quality rendering of images of upto 67 mega pixels, 3D Box Shot Pro is perfect for creating virtual packaging images for use on the web or in print.

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Color management suite based on OpenGL

The MAÏDOTEC Suite allows understanding, visualizing and controlling all aspects of color management. Based entirely on an OpenGL engine, it includes an innovative graphic user interface combining 2D and 3D widgets. All color manipulations, including image processing in very high resolution and display of high dynamic color images are GPU based and fully interactive. The MAÏDOTEC Suite is multiplateform and available on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. A free demo version is also available.

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OpenGL Loader Generator 1.0 Release

Say goodbye to old, monolithic OpenGL loaders like GLEW. You’ll never get another “unresolved external” linker error again. The OpenGL Loader Generator is out of Beta and ready for your code. This is a tool that generates a header and source file that you include directly in your project. It gives you the extensions you ask for, without the clutter of 600KB headers of stuff you never use. You include the files directly in your project, just like regular header and source files. No libraries to build or link to.

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GLFW 2.7.7 released

GLFW is a library for portable OpenGL application development. It manages windows and OpenGL contexts, resolution switching, keyboard, mouse, joystick and time input, and more. Version 2.7.7 adds several bug fixes, Visual C++ 2012 project files and support for more swap interval methods on X11.

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The SuperShaper is now OpenSource

The SuperShaper is a desktop application for Windows which allows creating high detail 3D meshes from the “Super Formula”. It features: - OpenGL 3.2 rendering in a wxWidgets GUI - Support for meshes of up to 1 million vertices. - OpenCL acceleration for real-time manipulation and morphing of the shapes - OBJ export of the shapes for use in other software. The project is now OpenSource.

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ogldev: modern OpenGL tutorials ported to Windows

All the OpenGL tutorials at are now available for Windows users for building under Visual Studio 2010.

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OGLplus 0.21.0 released

OGLplus is an open-source library implementing a thin object-oriented facade over the OpenGL (version 4) C-language API. It provides wrappers which automate resource management and makes the use of OpenGL in C++ safer and easier. OGLplus comes with more than 80 examples of usage and several tutorials. This release brings several small improvements and two new tools - a simple text rendering utility and a parser/reader for Blender’s .blend files.

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