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OpenGL training at Qt Developer Days

Qt Developer Days running from November 12 - 14, 2012 in Berlin Germany, will include a session on Modern OpenGL with Qt5. OpenGL is a central part of QtQuick2 in Qt 5 and also plays a key role in displaying the main content of many widget-based applications. A basic level of linear algebra will be assumed for this course (multiplying a matrix and a vector). Mathematics will be kept to a bare minimum so as not to get in the way of eye candy!

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ogldev: ‘Stencil Shadow Volume’ tutorial published

The 40th installment in a series of tutorials dedicated to promoting modern OpenGL development on Linux, with a focus on version 3.x and beyond. This tutorial demonstrates how to implement stencil shadow volumes.

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eBook: Spieleentwicklung - OpenGL mit Fun-Faktor

Based on our OpenGL tutorial series, our new german eBook “Spieleentwicklung - OpenGL mit Fun-Faktor” is now available on Amazon. On 430 pages, this eBook covers the fundamentals of modern OpenGL programming. Contents: -Post Processing -Deferred Lighting -Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) -Deferred Shadow Calculations -HDR Rendering, Tone Mapping, Luminance Adaption and Bloom -Scene Composition (Layered Rendering) -Frame Buffer and Render Buffer Objects -Skeletal Animation -Uniform Buffer, Texture Buffer and Texture Array Objects -Geometry Instancing (Uniform Buffer Instancing and Texture Buffer Instancing) -Managed Rendering -GLSL Shader Programming -Resource Management -Lighting Models and Normal Mapping -Texture and Sampler Objects -Vertex Buffer and Index Buffer Objects -OpenGL Initialisation and Shutdown -Graphics Framework Programming

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DirectFB Demo running on R-CarH1 (via OpenGL)

This demo shows the new ilixi compositor running via DirectFB’s new compositing infrastructure. All acceleration is provided by OpenGL. There are pure OpenGL GLES2 clients like gears and a dashboard.

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OpenGL Loader Generator

Are you tired of OpenGL loaders like GLEW that have huge headers with hundreds of extensions you never use? Plagued by “unresolved externals” and other errors when using OpenGL loading libraries? The OpenGL Loader Generator is a tool that generates a header and source file that you include directly in your project. It gives you the extensions you ask for, without a gigantic 600KB header cluttered with stuff you’ll never use. You just include the files directly in your project, just like regular header and source files. No libraries to build or link to.

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OpenGL Example Collection

The purpose of thise example collection is to provide short and self contained code that showcases OpenGL api functionality/features. The examples have no dependencies on any custom framework or basecode except for “canonical” libraries such as glfw, gl3w and glm. All the examples are written against core profiles of version OpenGL version 3.3 or higher.

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GPU-accelerated Path Rendering SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 paper

Read the SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 paper preprint "GPU-accelerated Path Rendering" describing the NV_path_rendering OpenGL extension. Or watch this technical talk "GPU-Accelerated 2D and Web Rendering" with live demos.

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Libgls 1.0 released-a OpenGL stereoscopic rendering library

The libgls library allows stereoscopic rendering with OpenGL, without requiring hardware support for quad-buffered stereo. Many display modes are supported, from anaglyph glasses to various types of 3D TVs and stereoscopic displays. Advanced features include support for crosstalk reduction. Libgls is available under the MIT/X11 license.

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Voreen Version 4.1 Released

Version 4.1 of the open-source, cross-platform volume visualization tool Voreen is now available for download. This version adds processors performing volume rendering with global illumination, includes pre-integrated transfer-functions and improves multimodal slice rendering. ATI/AMD compatibility with OpenCL has also been improved. Robustness and speed of the DICOM reader has been increased, camera handling for transformed datasets has been fixed and mutual information co-registration using ITK has been extended.

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OpenGL ES 2.0 shader development on your iPad

Get started with OpenGL ES 2.0 shader development on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch today. Create your own vertex and fragment shaders using the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) and compile them on your mobile device. Tweak your shader code and the values of the uniforms and see the effects immediately.

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Open Source OpenGL 4 Graphics Engine available

A first version (0.1 pre-alpha) of an OpenGL 4 Graphics Engine is available as open source. The main purpose of this engine is to have a framework to easily learn OpenGL 4 and develop examples for Windows and Linux. Mac OS support will be available as soon as OpenGL 4 is supported.

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