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OpenGL 3.3 Windows tutorials

OpenGL tutorial series covers step-by-step learning of OpenGL 3.3 and later under Windows.

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Sponsor the OpenGL 20th anniversary party, get great exposure, t-shirts, and share your story

OpenGL is still accepting sponsorship of their 20th anniversary party. Join the other companies and individuals who’ve already sponsored the party. You’ll get t-shirts, great exposure for your business, and if you get your story to us today (July 27th), we’ll publish it in our handouts at SIGGRAPH!

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Mixing Graphics and Compute with Multiple GPUs

Watch Alina Alt explain compute API interoperability with OpenGL (using CUDA and OpenCL APIs) and delve into interoperability at a system level (or review the slides). Alina explains challenges and benefits of dedicating one GPU for compute and another for graphics, how different system configurations affect data transfer between two GPUs, and how it translates into application design decisions helping to enable an efficient, cross-GPU interoperability between compute and graphics contexts.

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OpenGL Insights website is online with some goodies

OpenGL Insights website is online. It includes the complete table of content of the book, tips, the chapter source code, the OpenGL pipeline map and five complete chapters of the book!

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Newest AntTweakBar release supports OpenGL 3.2 core profile

AntTweakBar is a light GUI toolkit for use with many platforms and render APIs.

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MeVisLab 2.3 adds advanced rendering features based on GLSL

MeVisLab 2.3 adds several new visualization features based on OpenGL and GLSL: - deep shadow mapping (DSM) and local ambient occlusion (LAO) for Volume Rendering - screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO, HBAO) - percentage closer soft shadows (PCSS) - mixing Volume Rendering and geometry with consistent shading - rendering of 3D geometry intersections on 2D slices (using the geometry shader) - the open source Open Inventor version provided with MeVisLab now supports fast VA/VBO rendering MeVisLab is a cross-platform image processing and visualization application focused on medical imaging. MeVisLab 2.3 is available as free download for non-commercial use for Windows/Linux/MacOS X, including 64bit versions.

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Invitation to attend the OpenGL BOF at SIGGRAPH 2012

You are cordially invited to attend the OpenGL BOF on Wednesday 6-7pm in the Gold Ballroom in the JW Marriott hotel to celebrate 20 years of OpenGL with us. You’ll learn what is new and upcoming with the OpenGL API. We will also have two special guest speakers. Rich Geldreich from Valve will talk about their awesome project “Steam’d Penguins” that brings Steam and OpenGL games to Linux. Rich will be speaking about their challenges and successes porting Left 4 Dead 2 to OpenGL on Linux. Kurt Akeley, co-founder of SGI and of the OpenGL API will give his perspective on 20 years of OpenGL development. Right after the BOF we’ll open the doors for the OpenGL 20th anniversary party, with free drinks and various prizes to win. For more information, visit our Siggraph webpage.

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Book: OpenGL Insights - pre order now available

Get Real-World Insight from Experienced Professionals in the OpenGL Community. With OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and WebGL, real-time rendering is becoming available everywhere, from AAA games to mobile phones to web pages. Assembling contributions from experienced developers, vendors, researchers, and educators, OpenGL Insights presents real-world techniques for intermediate and advanced OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and WebGL developers.

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Optimized OpenGL Texture Transfers

Watch Shalini Venkataraman explain how to optimize OpenGL texture transfers (or review the slides) using the ARB_sync extension and debug your transfers with the ARB_debug_output extension. Also look for her article on the subject in the soon-to-be-released OpenGL Insights book.

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OGLplus 0.15.0 released

OGLplus is a lightweight open-source library implementing an object-oriented facade over the OpenGL® (version 3 and higher) C-language API. It provides wrappers which automate resource management and make the use of OpenGL in C++ safer and easier. It includes more than 80 examples of usage and is available for Linux and Windows.

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Valve ports Left for Dead 2 to Ubuntu with OpenGL

Valve Software has started a new Linux blog; the first entry discusses their port of Left for Dead 2 to Ubuntu Linux. Future work involves “optimizing a version of L4D2 running at a high frame rate with OpenGL”, porting the Steam client, and “porting additional Valve titles”.

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GLFW 2.7.6 released

GLFW is a library for portable OpenGL application development. It manages windows and OpenGL contexts, resolution switching, keyboard, mouse, joystick and time input, and more. Version 2.7.6 adds support for joystick input on Mac OS X, support for 64-bit builds using MinGW-w64 and fixes for a number of bugs.

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ogldev: ‘Skeletal Animation With Assimp’ tutorial published

The 38th installment in a series of tutorials dedicated to promoting modern OpenGL development on Linux, with a focus on version 3.x and beyond. This tutorial demonstrates how to do skeletal animation (a.k.a skinning) using the Assimp library.

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Sponsor the OpenGL 20th anniversary party and get great exposure

OpenGL is celebrating 20 years this summer at SIGGRAPH 2012! The Khronos Group cordially invites you to attend this celebration on August 8th 2012 at the JW Marriott Los Angeles at LA Live in Gold Ballroom–Salon 1 for this momentous occasion. If you company would like to help sponsor this event, there are a few corporate sponsorship spots still available, and your company will get great exposure. We hope we’ll see you there! Your sponsorship can range anywhere from $100 up to $5000. If you’re company is looking for more exposure, this is it. Spaces are limited, on the larger sponsorship packages, so don’t wait!

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