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Voreen (Volume Rendering Engine) Version 4.0 Released

Voreen 4.0 integrates ITK for a wide range of ready-to-use filtering and segmentation algorithms. Runtime editing of OpenCL kernels for volume and image processing has been added and GLSL shaders of most processors can now be modified using a shader property. In addition, the multi-view capabilities have been extended. The volume classes have been re-designed for improved meta-data support, including handling of spacing, transformations and units. A new, vastly improved DICOM reader based on GDCM library has been implemented that supports JPEG 2000 compressed DICOMs, direct reading from PACS servers and is configurable using XML. Registration in Voreen is now also a lot easier for the developer and user. On the technical side, we have switched to the CMake build system resulting in a much smoother build process, especially on Windows. Furthermore, a pre-compiled 64-bit version of Voreen for Windows is provided.

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Volume rendering plugins for the PixelLight engine

As part of a master thesis, volume rendering plugins using GPU shader based volume raycasting were written for the free open-source, cross-platform 3D application framework PixelLight. The renderer is using OpenGL and GLSL shaders, which are dynamically composed during runtime. Beside a demo, videos and screenshots, the source codes are available as well.

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ImgTec PowerVR G6230, G6430 extend IP family range-two and four cluster cores with OpenGL support

Following on from the G6200 and G6400 cores, Imagination Technologies PowerVR G6230 and G6430 offer two further design points in the Series6 family, which now includes two ‘two-cluster’ and two ‘four-cluster’ IP cores. All members of the Series6 family are designed to support all features of the latest graphics APIs including the next generation of the OpenGL ES API and OpenGL 3.x/4.x

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Gizmo3D - New Terrain Rendering Features

Gizmo3D OpenGL engine releases new features for terrain rendering and vegetation details for large scale DB visualization. Databases can contain near infinite details down to micro level but still cover wast landscapes. The new databases can be spread on multiple hosts and each distributed database can link to further sub databases on other hosts. Databases can also be modified in runtime by multiple clients.

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Sponsor the epic OpenGL 20th anniversary party!

OpenGL is celebrating 20 years this summer at SIGGRAPH 2012! The Khronos Group cordially invites you to attend this celebration on August 8th 2012 at the JW Marriott Los Angeles at LA Live in Gold Ballroom–Salon 1 for this momentous occasion. If you company would like to help sponsor this event, there are a few corporate sponsorship spots still available, and your company will get great exposure. We hope we’ll see you there!

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OpenGL article update on

Three new OpenGL articles (in German) are presented on as part of the parallel development of a space strategy game prototype. The articles cover the following topics: Texture Array Objects Texture Buffer Objects Texture Buffer based Geometry Instancing

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