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New OpenGL/OpenCL Graphics And Physics Framework tutorial update

OpenGL Tutorials are available online for our OpenGL/OpenCL Graphics And Physics Framework (LGPL Licence). The new tutorials cover the following topics: -Deferred Shadow Calculations for Directional Lights, Spot Lights and Point Lights (Dual Paraboloid Shadow Mapping) -Screen Space Atmospheric Light Scattering (Rayleigh, Mie)

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ClanLib 2.3.6 library released - offers increased OpenGL stability

This release of the SDK increases stability on Linux when using Mesa with multiple windows when sharing OpenGL contexts

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OGLplus 0.12.0 released

OGLplus is a lightweight header-only library which implements an object-oriented facade over the OpenGL® (version 3 and higher) C-language API. It provides wrappers which automate resource management and make the use of OpenGL in C++ safer and easier. This version brings a new cmake-based build system, wrappers for several GL extensions (ARB_compatibility, ARB_debug_output, NV_path_rendering and ATI_meminfo) and some improvements in the error checking/reporting subsystem.

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GLFW 2.7.4 released

GLFW is a portable library for OpenGL application development. It manages windows and OpenGL contexts, resolution switching, keyboard, mouse, joystick and time input, and more. Version 2.7.4 adds bug fixes for a number of bugs, most notably linking issues on some Linux distributions and removal of the initial non-interactive menu bar on Mac OS X.

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aerofly FS flight simulator:

IPACS has released aerofly FS, a realistic but yet easy to use flight simulator. Enjoy flying different aircraft over the beautiful scenery of Switzerland. aerofly FS is available for Microsoft Windows as well as Mac OS X on the Mac App Store. aerofly FS uses OpenGL 3.1 and makes extensive use of shaders and texture arrays to achieve stunning graphics and fast framerates.

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Eyescale releases OpenGL Equalizer 1.2

Equalizer 1.2 is a feature release extending the 1.0 API. It introduces major new features, most notably automatic configuration, the Sequel library, runtime reliability, and tile compounds. Equalizer middleware is used to create and deploy parallel OpenGL-based applications.

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OpenGL and OpenGL ES job rate continues to be higher than DirectX

In the last couple of years OpenGL has consistently had more job openings compared to DirectX. Since July 2010, OpenGL has has shown an increase in job openings by 29%, while DirectX has slipped by 14%. Data is supplised by

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OpenGL ES 2 and EGL support on desktop

G-Truc Creation released a survey about OpenGL ES 2.0 support on desktop, how it is exposed or not on Windows 7/8, Linux and MacOS X and by different hardware vendors. It also deals with libraries and framework to help such support.

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OpenGL 4.2 Atomic Counter Demo: Rendering Order of Fragments

Atomic counters are a new feature of OpenGL 4.2. Here is a simple demo that shows the use of atomic counters to visualize the rendering order of fragments. The GLSL shader as well as an OpenGL code snippet are provided.

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Open Inventor 9 released

Version 9.0 Open Inventor, the OpenGL-based object-oriented 3D development toolkit has just been released by VSG. Shaders and transparency management greatly improved, better rendering performance, and a ray-casting rendering engine for volume data.

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Outerra tech demo renders real-sized planet Earth using OpenGL 3.3

Outerra released alpha technology demo of its 3D world engine in development, that is using OpenGL to render real-sized planet Earth in real time, seamlessly from space down to the ground level views. The demo uses real world data to render accurate topology of planet Earth, while also dynamically refining the data using procedural fractal-based algorithms that provide high ground-level detail. Outerra engine runs on OpenGL 3.3 and requires recent graphics drivers.

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Khronos Announces COLLADA Community Initiative

Today Khronos released an open letter to the COLLADA community inviting closer cooperation and communication with the COLLADA working group.

To start the discussion, Khronos are also hosting a COLLADA meetup to discuss proprieties and actions for the ingoing health of this important 3D Asset format - open to all:

COLLADA Meet Up & Working Lunch
Wednesday, March 7th from 12:30pm–3:00pm
333 O’Farrell St, Tower 1, Presidential Suite

Host: Neil Trevett, Khronos President & Acting COLLADA Work Group Chair
* Open to all – while space available * No cost to participate * No GDC pass needed * Registration required *

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