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GLIntercept 1.0 updated with OpenGL 4.2 function definitions

GLIntercept 1.0 (the OpenGL logger/debugger) has been updated with function definitions for OpenGL 4.2 + many more extensions. Improved support for image and frame buffer logging has also been added for core profile OpenGL.

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ApiTrace 2.0

ApiTrace 2.0 with OpenGL 4.2 support has been released. ApiTrace is a modern graphics debugging toolkit many features:

  • About 10x faster tracing and 2x faster retracing
  • Mac OS X support
  • Support for multi-gigabyte traces in the GUI
  • Ability to display all of the uniforms,
  • Showing number of calls per frame, marking large frames and ability to indent shaders,
  • Support for `GL_GREMEDY_string_marker` and `GL_GREMEDY_frame_terminator` extensions, to be able to mark frames and important pieces of code in the applications

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Unofficial OpenGL SDK, 0.3 Alpha release

The Unofficial OpenGL SDK has its 0.3 release. The SDK includes components necessary for creating cross-platform OpenGL applications. It includes the following components:

  • GLFW/FreeGLUT: for creating OpenGL windows.
  • GLM: for vector and matrix math.
  • Load: for loading OpenGL function pointers.
  • Image: for loading images into textures

All of the components use the same cross-platform build system, to make compiling and linking to those libraries easier. The download package is available.

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Initial version of OGLplus C++ library released

OGLplus is a header only library which implements a thin object-oriented facade over the OpenGL (version 3 and higher) C-language API. It provides wrappers which automate the resource and object management and make the use of OpenGL in C++ easier and safer. The source code is available on SourceForge and Github.

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OpenGL based Gizmo3D 2.5 - New features

GizmoSDK 2.5 now supports gen II of Rapid Mapping (RM) maps from Saab. New features like micro terrain and auto generated forrestry is seamlessly integrated into the maps with high performance maintained. The database content is now unlimited and paged in real time from the macro level down to the micro level.

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OpenGL Extension Wrangler (GLEW) updated

GLEW 1.7.0 provides easy access to the latest APIs for OpenGL 4.2, new ARB extensions, and NV_path_rendering.

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ogldev: 3D picking tutorial published

The 29th installment in a series dedicated to promoting OpenGL development on Linux. This tutorial focuses on OpenGL 3.3 and beyond, explaining how to implement 3D picking—selection of objects & primitives based on mouse click.

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Colorful Fluid Music rendered in Blender with OpenGL

A preview of a 3D music visualization using OpenGL. OpenGL allowed me to visualize how the final render would behave with having to wait for days. The software used was Blender 3D 2.58, which uses OpenGL for both the previews and it’s complete interface.

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AMD FirePro SDI-Link / V7900 SDI Graphics Card offer OpenGL 4.2 support

AMD unveiled the AMD FirePro SDI-Link to address the market for real-time, GPU-accelerated post production and broadcast pipelines requiring Serial Digital Interface (SDI) input and output with support from the premier players in the broadcast technology market: AJA, Bluefish444, Blackmagic Design, DELTACAST, DVS and Matrox. Both the SDI-Link and the V7900 SDI Professional Graphics Card offer support for OpenGL 4.2.

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New OpenGL Graphics And Physics Framework tutorial update

New tutorials are available online for our OpenGL Graphics And Physics Framework (LGPL Licence). The new tutorials cover the following topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence (Decision Trees, Behavior Networks, simple AI Scripting, Movement Pattern)
  • Solar System Simulation
  • Procedural Galaxy Generation And Rendering (Stars, 3DNebula Objects, Lens Flares)


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glxx: a new C++ extensions loading library with OpenGL 4.2 support

glxx is a new C++ extensions loading library. It supports windows and linux. The library is generated directly from the specs. All OpenGL versions from 1.1 up to 4.2 (compatibility & core) as well as all extensions (GL, WGL and GLX) are wrapped inside namespaces, so one can target specific versions and feature sets more easily. It also plays nice with autocomplete features inside IDEs. The latest tag (v0.3) is here and basic usage is here.

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Triton Ocean SDK 1.1 Released

Sundog Software’s Triton ocean simulation technology for game, simulation, and training software developers has received a significant upgrade. Simulation of ship wakes, better support for water reflections, and features important for positioning objects on the water have all been introduced. Triton supports OpenGL 2.0 through 4.1 for Windows C++ developers, and makes heavy use of OpenCL as well.

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OpenGL Hardware capability database

A new OpenGL hardware capability database is now online. Anyone can use the freeware tool glCapsViewer to generate OpenGL implementation details that can then be submitted to the online database. Our aim is to have this become a valuable resource for all OpenGL developers. Features include single hardware reports and the ability to compare different OpenGL hardware, and supported extensions, in an easy to read table. glCapsViewer is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

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NV_path_rendering Demo Videos

Watch 8 videos demonstrating GPU-accelerated path rendering for OpenGL via NV_path_rendering. Source for all the demos is available in the NVIDIA Path Rendering SDK.

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ThreeDify announces OpenGL based Office Designer 5.2.1

ThreeDify is proud to announce the general availability of ThreeDify Office Designer 5.2.1, an OpenGL based, embedded 3D model viewing and editing tool deployed as an add-on to Microsoft Office suite. This milestone release adds numerous new features and performance enhancements. It represents a genuine breakthrough in usability of embedded 3D model viewing and editing within Microsoft Office Suite. For 3D knowledge workers who use Microsoft Office as their primary communication tool, the new Office Designer release empowers them to share and collaborate in 3D naturally and more effectively than ever before.

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