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ClanLib SDK 2.3.0 Released

This major update to ClanLib contains some important OpenGL specific modifications: Updated to the OpenGL 4.1 specification Uses the familiar GL_ OpenGL definitions and gl function prefixes for direct OpenGL calls (we used to use CL_ and cl prefixes). Fixed the namespace conflict with OpenCL 1.1 (both sharing the cl prefix). Greater control in creating the desired OpenGL context.

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MacOS X 10.7 released with OpenGL 3.2 support

Apple made a clean cut on legacy providing two OpenGL implementations in their latest OS X upgrade to Lion. One implementation is OpenGL 2.1 for compatibility with legacy software and one is the OpenGL 3.2 core profile. The legacy features are not only removed from the core profile, they are also removed from the set of extensions exposed by the drivers.

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Khronos Group OpenGL BOF at SIGGRAPH to announce new tech

Join the Khronos Group on August 10th for the OpenGL BOF at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver! Khronos willl have Trivia Q&A, great prizes, demos & updates and a new tech announcement! Get all your BOF details on the Khronos Website.

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OpenCL and OpenGL & DirectX Interoperability Tech Talk at SIGGRAPH 2011

The computing power of GPUs is now accessible to improve the interactivity of 3D graphics. Leveraging this capability requires optimum interoperability between compute (OpenCL) and graphics APIs (OpenGL/DirectX). This talk from AMD demonstrates how to compute and update geometry with OpenCL on APUs, how to update VBO on discrete GPUs, and how to compute physics data on OpenCL and transfer those data to discrete GPUs. Wednesday, 10 August 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM | West Building, Hall C, Booth 801, SIGGRAPH 2011

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New OpenGL Graphics And Physics Framework tutorial update

New tutorials are available online for our OpenGL Graphics And Physics Framework (LGPL Licence). The new tutorials cover the following topics:

  • Particle Rendering using Texture Array Objects
  • Geometry Instancing using Texture Array Objects
  • Terrain Generation (scripted)
  • Terrain Rendering using Texture Buffer Objects (terrain tile instance data, vertex normals, height values, texture ids, splatting values) and Texture Array Objects.

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OpenGL Extensions Viewer updated to version 4.0 with OSX Lion support

OpenGL Extensions Viewer is a reliable software to display useful information about the current OpenGL 3D accelerator. OpenGL Extensions OpenGL Extensions Viewer is available for Windows 32bit and 64bit MacOS X, iPhone and Android. OpenGL Extensions Viewer was updated to the version 4.0 for Mac and Windows with OpenGL 3.2 support OSX 10.7 Lion, display of the complete Android and iOS extensions database, rendering tests and benchmark.

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One month left to submit a proposal for OpenGL Insights

The submission period for the book “OpenGL Insights” will be close on August 15 which leaves one month for authors who wish to contribute to send their proposals.

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Linderdaum Engine released version 0.6.00 with Android OS support

Linderdaum Engine SDK 0.6.00 is released bringing in portable Windows and Android 3D applications development. This SDK also contains the source code of two our Android games released on Google Android Market. Linderdaum Engine is an open source purely object-oriented 3D gaming engine written in C++ and using OpenGL 3 and OpenGL ES 2 rendering APIs.

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OpenGL Samples Pack released with Linux support

The OpenGL Samples Pack is a set of 100 as simple as possible OpenGL samples to illustrate the OpenGL specification up to version 4.1. So far the OpenGL Samples Pack was only available on Windows but with this new version it finally reached the Linux platform for the entire set of samples.

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AMD announces Radeon HD 6990M the fastest mobile GPU

AMD’s new Radeon HD 6990M is based on the TeraScale 2 unified processor architecture and the Barts GPU core. This is a mobile equivalent to the company’s high-end Radeon HD 6990 PCI Express graphics card design and features 1,120 stream processing units, 56 texture units, 128 Z/stencil ROP units, and 32 colour ROP units. AMD has included support for OpenGL 4.1, OpenCL 1.1 and MicroSoft’s DirectX 11 and DirectCompute 11. There was no mention of the Thermal Design Point, so it is unclear how much power will be required to run this new chip.

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Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming v0.3.5 update

New texturing tutorial added. Learning graphics programming in the era of shaders can seem daunting. This website’s tutorials provide a firm foundation for understanding how to use modern shader-based hardware for graphics development. No prior graphics programming experience is expected. OpenGL v3.3 is used to demonstrate rendering techniques.

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SUBSTANCE 3D [Augmented Reality] released!

OpenGL organic and fractal art generator SUBSTANCE 3D now includes photorealistic Augmented Reality and fast interactive physically-based unbiased rendering mode (using both CPU+GPU) in its latest release. We can now easily and fully integrate the 3D forms into photos shot by the webcam. A free complete evaluation copy (for Microsoft Windows) is available for download from NeuroSystems’ website.

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