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VR Juggler version 3 released with OpenGL 3 support

VR Juggler 3 is now available. VR Juggler 3.0 has a totally redesigned cluster infrastructure based on a formal client/server model and support for OpenGL 3.0 contexts as well as many other fixes and updates. VR Juggler provides a platform for virtual reality application development allowing a user to run an application on almost any VR system.

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ATI launches two new OpenGL 4.1 / OpenCL 1.1 ready mobile Radeon series GPUs

AMD just released Radeon HD 6000-series mobile model GPUs: the Radeon HD 6500M and Radeon HD 6300M. OpenGL 4.1 and OpenCL 1.1 support is included as well as DirectX compatibility.

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DMP announces two new OpenGL ES Programming Courses for January 2011

DMP is proud to announce two all new OpenGL ES programming training courses. OpenGL ES programming training I and II will run January 13-14 and January 20-21 2010. Complete details are available online for the Training I and Training II courses in english, and in Japanese.

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VGP3 OpenGL racecar simulator

VGP3 is an advanced racecar simulator with unique physics, advanced AI and both online/offline racing modes. VGP3 is one of the very few commercial sims not Windows-centric, available for Windows and OS X. The 3D engine is based on OpenGL and supports 2.x features such as GLSL, VBOs, FBOs and shadow maps. VGP3 is fully moddable and customizable, file formats are documented, including GLSL code and 3D object/physics config files. Tools such as 3D object converters and track editors are available as well. A demo—freely downloaded without any registration—is available from the VGP3 website!

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Image Processing with OpenGL and Shaders

A quick how-to on image processing with OpenGL and GLUT. Taking you from video input to final output.

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jMonkeyEngine 3 SDK Alpha3 released - Terrain and Networking now in core

Advanced OpenGL 2 engine jMonkeyEngine 3 has officially tagged a third ALPHA release ready for download. This release sees many additions like terrain and networking and also jMonkeyPlatform has been improved with many additions and fixes.

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OpenGL Samples Pack released

OpenGL Samples Pack released with a major update of the CMake project, as well as some code cleaning, a couple of bug fixes and library updates.

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Simple Fluid Simulation

Philip Rideout’s blog has a new write-up on simple 2D fluid simulation using modern OpenGL. Sample code in C is provided.

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Intel releases OpenCL SDK

Intel® OpenCL SDK is an implementation of the OpenCL 1.1 standard optimized for Intel® CoreTMprocessors, running on Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems. This Alpha software brings OpenCL for the CPU in support of OpenCL developers desiring CPU advantages found on many OpenCL workloads. OpenCL language and Application Programming Interface (API) enables you to seamlessly take advantage of the Intel® CoreTM processor benefits such as Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions (Intel® SSE) utilization and Multi-Core scalability.

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GLK OpenGL Tool-kit, version 0.2 released

GLK is a simple cross platform C++ framework for creating basic OpenGL applications. Release Highlights: - Support for desktop compositing (currently Linux only). - Mechanism for toggling fullscreen/windowed mode, and for toggling window decorations. - Mechanism for requesting a particular framebuffer configuration.

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Suggestions for OpenGL 4.2 and beyond

“Suggestions for OpenGL 4.2 and beyond” is a well thought out look at where one developer would like to see OpenGL heading. The two main points covered are exposing more hardware capabilities and streamlining the API language.

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Leadwerks Offers Torque Developer Discount

In response to last yesterday’s announcement by InstantAction, Leadwerks is offering a 50% discount for Torque developers who migrate to Leadwerks Engine. “It’s sad to see such a long-established brand come to an end,” said Josh Klint, CEO of Leadwerks. “They’ve always provided a unique pathway for indie game developers, and we have a long history of supporting Torque developers with our level editing tools. In addition to the Torque developer discount, we’re also in discussions with pureLIGHT Technologies to see how developers can migrate their license to pureLIGHT for Leadwerks. InstantAction may be gone, but indie game development must continue on.” To claim your discount, see the order form here.

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New GL3W release with support for dynamic linking

gl3w offers an easy way to get your hands on the functionality offered by OpenGL 3/4 core profile specification. It consists of a simple Python 2.6 script that downloads the Khronos supported gl3.h header and generates gl3w.h and gl3w.c from it. Those files can then be added and linked (statically or dynamically) into your project.

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OpenGL Superbible Fifth Edition Review

A short review of the great OpenGL Superbible Fifth Edition book has been published on Icare3D blog. “The OpenGL SuperBible has been a reference book since the first release and this fifth edition is the first edition to be exclusively focused on modern, shader based, OpenGL programming. ...”

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ClanLib 2.2.5 Released

ClanLib is a cross platform C++ toolkit library based around OpenGL. It’s primary focus is on games (free or commerical thanks to a BSD style license). Image, Sprite and Font drawing are optimised to give high frame rates by drawing in batches, reducing OpenGL state changes. If OpenGL v2.0 or above is not available, the library seamlessly provides OpenGL v1.3 or a high performance software renderer. Supports multiple windows with a full GUI framework for use in 2D or 3D applications. This latest version contains new examples demonstrating the ease of creating custom shaders. In addition, a HDR test has been updated to demonstrate using OpenGL floating point textures.

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